MLAs/Ministers performing only for political mileages amid COVID pandemic, says AMUCO

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Manipur United Clubs Organization (AMUCO) has criticized MLAs and ministers stating that even in this critical hour they are keen on salvaging political mileage and selfishly seeking power instead of making full time commitment for the welfare of their respective constituencies.

In a press release signed by its assistant secretary M.M Thambou, AMUCO stated that the government’s measures so far to tackle against Covid-19 pandemic include lockdown, provision of grains at reduced prices, identification of containment zones in area with proof of infection, and serving stipulations to stop or curb spread like social distancing, SOP, and discouraging assembly of groups. Such measures are merely basic steps and are incapable of fighting against the Covid-19 with full might, the release said adding that in fact despite these measures being enforced for a sufficient length of time the number of deaths from Covid-19 is increasing in Manipur.

In the fight and to protect from Covid-19, the people of Manipur have been equipped with basic kits like face mask and hand sanitizers and preventive habits like social distancing.

In this critical situation, instead of taking care of the people and trying to relieve their sufferings, the leaders and politicians in the state are fighting among themselves which has opened a dark history on the surface of Manipur. Such politicians could not be accepted by an individual and society; for such a betrayal, they will be receiving the appropriate punishments when the right time comes. Since March, the people in the state have been facing untold suffering and difficulties in order to fight against Covid-19 pandemic but so far there have been incoming reports of one loss after another, added the release.

The people have been staying at their homes and within the localities for many months due to Covid-19 pandemic, AMUCO said while stating that taking advantage of this situation, it will be a judicious move to exterminate the business of sale of intoxicants which had remained unfruitful for many years in the state despite continuous effort.  

The release further stated that instead of blocking roads and entry points it will be substantially more contributive in curbing Covid-19 outbreak, if the people conduct screening at logistic points of different localities and villages. Clubs and meira paibis groups of the localities and villages should also take the correct move to stop use and sale of intoxicants/drugs in their areas.

It is the right time for users of substances and intoxicants to correct themselves and make changes for good by taking advantage of this situation and freeing themselves of their bad habits. Now is a convenient time for the local vigilante organizations to easily identify the users/buyers and sellers. If the correct time is not exploited properly, other opportunities in the future will be not coming again, the release added.

If this pandemic situation results in the decrease in numbers of people dependent on intoxicants/drugs consumption in Manipur, then the dreadful situation can become acceptable as a worthy gift to the state, AMUCO’s statement said.

AMUCO appealed for maintaining health, diminished crime and domestic violence in the state, staying away from drugs/intoxicants and taking responsibility for the development of the society and the future to come. However, the civil organization raises doubts whether the public representatives and politicians will be willing to cooperate in engrossing ourselves for bettering the future of the people in the state.  

Amidst this critical Covid-19, the political tussles being fought by the MLAs and ministers have been clearly made known to all now. They are behaving and throwing allegations at one another to prove themselves as the righteous persons. But it has been clearly proven that the politicians are not performing for the good of the people, AMUCO stated.

At this worst moment, MLAs/Ministers are performing only for taking political mileage and attaining power and for their own selfish motives instead of performing their bound duty for serving the people of their respective constituencies, the release stated.

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