MLA Joykishan ran from pillar to post trying to topple BJP govt, Jyotin Waikhom hits out

MLA Joykishan ran from pillar to post trying to topple BJP govt, Jyotin Waikhom hits out

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IMPHAL: BJP Manipur Pradesh Vice President Jyotin Waikhom has hit out at Thangmeiband MLA and arch rival Khumukcham Joykishan, citing that the MLA ran from pillar to post to topple the BJP led coalition Government with the hope of getting a ministerial berth once a Congress led Government is formed in the state.

Addressing reporters, Jyotin Waikhom alleged that MLA Khumukcham Joykishan, who once suggested for a collective fight against COVID-19 cutting across party lines and ruling and opposition, took key role to topple the Government at a time when the state was facing a hard time amid the COVID-19 battle.

Reacting to the statement of the MLA who had claimed that the recent political upheaval was triggered by the MLAs of NPP and some BJP MLAs who wanted to replace Chief Minister N Biren, Jyotin said that Congress was the architect of the crisis. In fact, Congress should accept the fact that the party lost in the battle to topple the Government in such a crucial time of COVID-19. MLA Joykishan himself ran from pillar to post to topple the Government with the hope of getting a ministerial berth. Disappointed, he later blamed the NPP and some BJP MLAs for the loss. Joykishan’s claim that Congress never attempted to form a new Congress led Government after toppling the present Government is unacceptable.

The present political turmoil would not have erupted had the Congress party calmed down the NPP and rebel BJP MLAs who had knocked the door of the Congress party to topple the Government citing it was untimely. Instead, Congress caught the opportunity with both hand and head for destabilization of the N Biren government, he charged.

Stating that the camp of Congress party was opened at the resident of one Congress aspirant candidate, he questioned Joykishan how he claimed that Congress was never involved in the effort to topple the BJP Government.

Joykishan had stated that Congress being an opposition party attempted to form the Government to prevent a constitutional crisis. Defeated in the effort, he has started claiming that Congress had no hands in the bid to topple the Government. Such contradictory statement of the MLA is to befool and misguide the people, he maintained.

It should be noted that it is natural for the political crisis to erupt sometimes as usually happened in a family. During the prolonged 70 years after Independence, Congress ruled the Country for 50 years. It is a well known fact how Congress Government treated its alliance partners during their regime. In 2002, Congress formed SPF Government under CM O Ibobi with other smaller parties like DRPP, MSCP and Federal Party etc. However, representatives of such  smaller parties were forced the leave the party to merge with Congress. Congress also made partner with CPI to form Government. Having enough number of MLAs to form Government, it kicked out the CPI party later.

In the Rajya Sabha election held on June 19, five Congress MLAs cross voted in favour of BJP candidate, which has clearly shown how the Congress party is functioning currently.

Jyotin also cautioned the MLA not to comment regarding the matter of BJP leadership.  

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