MLA Joykishan Accepts CM’s challenge on CAA debate

MLA Joykishan Accepts CM’s challenge on CAA debate

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IMPHAL: Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan has accepted the challenge thrown by Chief Minister N Biren to debate on the point that Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 violates Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.

“As an MLA defying the new Citizenship law, I accept the challenge thrown in by CM Biren to debate on the issue. I am ready for the debate on any day and at anytime”, the firebrand opposition Congress MLA said while talking to reporters at his Khoyathong residence on Sunday.

Stating that Assembly is the right place for the people representatives to debate, the MLA said that it is will be betterment for all if the state government convenes a one day house session to debate on the draft rules and regulations for the Inner Line permit system.

He further said that the country has witnessed widespread protests following enactment of the CA Act. The present chaos and turmoil is created as a fallout of the conflict of ideas between the anti-CAA protestors who feel apprehension about possible extermination of indigenous people by majority community and the supporters of CAA who believe in creating a Hindu nation. The anti-CAA protestors fear that the new act will strangle Indian Constitution and spirit of secularism. BJP is a party backed by RSS whose objective is converting India into a Hindu nation. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagavat once stated that creation of Hindu nation is the dream of the organization. That anybody rejected by RSS cannot be a functionary of BJP is a well known fact, said Joykishan.

He said that the BJP government has started arresting people who raise their voice against CAA under different sections of law. Some have been detained under NSA. In Assam, one school teacher has been terminated from service. In Manipur, CPI leader L Sotinkumar who defies CAA has been jailed.

For accepting challenge of CM to debate, Government must be planning to arrest me. But, government should keep in mind that arresting some anti-CAA protestors to suppress the voice of the people cannot calm down the public movement and their aspirations. If government has the guts, conduct a referendum whether people of the state accept CAA or not, he demanded.

State Government is claiming that it will make the state anti- corruption free one with constituting Ant-Corruption cell. However, some powerful officials are looting huge amount of public money. I can reveal their names if the government has guts to punish them. Government is punishing small employees for collecting Rs 500 but protecting those big looters of public money. I strongly charge this government of encouraging corruption, he said.

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