Minister Nemcha reaches out to poor people amid COVID crisis

Minister Nemcha reaches out to poor people amid COVID crisis

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KANGPOKPI: Stories of people down heartening and deflating over the increase in positive cases or frontline workers discouraging over inmates arguing on various issues can paint a bleak picture of the pandemic COVID-19 environment in Kangpokpi District but there are also acts of kindness that have inspired thousands of others, especially the genuinely needy people.

The lone woman Minister in BJP led coalition Government and one of the most active during the pandemic COVID-19, Nemcha Kipgen, Minister, Social Welfare and Cooperation, Govt. of Manipur today reached out to the poor people of Keithelmanbi and Tujang area in her Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency.

Earlier, the Minister had also reached out to the poor people in Kangpokpi area providing essential items including rice, dal, potato, etc. basically on humanitarian ground as part of her humanitarian services during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis in the state.

Altogether, around 110 poor people including widow, widower and aged people of Keithelmanbi area from various communities were distributed rice, dal, potato and other essential items by the Minister today at Keithelmanbi community hall.

The Minister also reached out to more than 150 poor people including widow, widower and aged people of Tujang area and distributed rice, dal, potato and other essential items at Ngahmun community hall.

Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister, Nemcha Kipgen said that the COVID-19 pandemic is not just a public health crisis, it goes far beyond that and it is different from other significant crisis such as World Wars or even cyclone, or Tsunami and a total shutdown which the world has never seen in the past.

She continued that the nationwide lockdown wing to the pandemic has impact the ability of the poorer section to get food, especially the vulnerable class and left a lot of daily wage labourers in a state of panic as they don’t job it has become difficult for them to procure food while such people had faced even steeper exponential curve.

“My modest forefront agenda during the pandemic COVID-19 is ensuring food security and preventing the people especially the genuinely poor and needy to fall prey of starvation”, asserted Minister Nemcha Kipgen while adding that protecting people from the pandemic and containing its spread is also the immediate priority of me as is to the Government.

She further said that at times like the current health crisis, everyone needs to have the mentality of act of giving not only taking before exhorting that well to do people to focus some of their energy and wealth on really helping the genuinely needy and poor people in the community.

Meanwhile, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen also appeal the people of Kangpokpi to uphold the alertness and preventive mentality despite of relaxation in some sector during the current lockdown by strictly following the preventive guidelines and SOPs in personal and larger interest.

The Minister further made strong appeals to all inmates at various Institutional Quarantine Centres to bear with Government and the district administration considering the challenges in combating the pandemic COVID-19 and sincerely abide by the quarantine SOPs and guidelines.

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