Minister Nemcha reaches out to less fortunate people, stranded students

Minister Nemcha reaches out to less fortunate people, stranded students

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KANGPOKPI: Despite busy schedule in accessing the activities to contain the pandemic COVID-19, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen also ensured nobody goes hungry amid lockdown by reaching out to the less fortunate people and stranded students in Kangpokpi and Senapati District as the in-charge Minister.

The Minister donated 100 bags of rice for the less fortunate people in Kangpokpi town which was distributed today.

The donated rice was hand over to each ward members of the town committee through Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council, Kangpokpi while the Ward members of the town Committee distributed to all the identified less fortunate people in their respective wards so as to ensured that nobody goes hungry amid lockdown.

The Kangpokpi Town Committee on behalf of the people of Kangpokpi especially the less fortunate people expressed sincere gratitude to the Minister for helping the people at such critical juncture to help them combat the deadly pandemic virus by providing the basic needs.

It also said that the people of Kangpokpi and Senapati is very much fortunate to have the Minister as the District in-charge and thanks the Chief Minister for entrusting such kindhearted Minister to look after the districts at this crucial period.

“Government is taking due care of the people during the lockdown by providing assistance in the form of rice and other basic needs but that was not enough to survive for people like me who live hand to mouth with a meager daily wages”, said a less fortunate widow while conveying her heartfelt gratitude to the Minister for understanding their grievances and helping them avail more rice through her personal intervention to address the grievances of the less fortunate people in the town.

Another daily wages labourers praised the Minister saying that all the people are at difficult situation at this juncture but person like me looking after the family with a meager earning on daily wages have been facing acute difficulties.

He continued that the Minister in-charge is no less than a survivor for us who always are in stressed thinking for the evening meal in the morning and for the morning meal in the evening.

Meanwhile, Minister Nemcha Kipgen act swiftly in providing 15 bags of rice and a bag of dal for the stranded students at Maram and Senapati District whose grievances had been put up by Senapati District Students’ Association during a joint meeting at Senapati DC office chamber earlier on April 9.

The donated rice and dal along with other food items donated by well wishers and shop owners operating at Senapati DHQs who were inspired by the contribution of the Minister in-charge were today distributed to the stranded students at SDSA office complex in Senapati.

More than 200 students from various places of the state and Arunachal Pradesh who were studying at different colleges and schools in Senapati District are stranded owing to the nationwide lockdown.

On behalf of the stranded students, SDSA Caretaker, Hopeson Mao conveyed warm regards and gratitude to Minister Nemcha Kipgen, in-charge Minister for her generous contribution for the welfare of the stranded students.

He said that SDSA has been reaching out to all the stranded students who could not go home nor whose parents could not send them anything owing to the nationwide lockdown while adding that it personal intervention in the form of generous contribution on the part of a kindhearted Minister Nemcha Kipgen not only addressed the grievances of the students but also hugely helped the student body in reaching out to those stranded.

“Time intervention with love and care on the part of the elected representatives is the need of the hour and it was exemplarily exhibited by the Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister as a Minister in-charge”, the SDSA Caretaker said while adding that let the Minister in-charge generous contribution be an eye opener for all others to come forward to act timely in addressing the grievances of the people amid lockdown.

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