Minister Nemcha chairs review meeting concerning the arrival of returnees at Kpi

Minister Nemcha chairs review meeting concerning the arrival of returnees at Kpi

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KANGPOKPI: Considering the intricate situation concerning the arrival of returnees, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen, with an aim to facilitate blunder free administration and atmosphere for the welfare of each and every denizens of the district, chaired a review meeting with all the frontline workers today at Conference Hall, DC office Kangpokpi.

District Magistrate/DC Kangpokpi, Lalithambigai Kalidas, IAS, SP Kangpokpi, Hemant Pandey, IAS, CMO Kangpokpi, Dr. T. Nilakanta Singh, official from Ministry of Home Affairs, Addl.DC Kangpokpi, Ac to DC Kangpokpi, all SDOs of the district, all Medical Officers of the district including District Surveillance Officer, officials from the police department, PHED and PWD officials and official from MSPDCL Kangpokpi attended the meeting.

While minutely examining the prevailing situation concerning the arrival of returnees in Kangpokpi district, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister instructed the District Magistrate/DC Kangpokpi to appointed Night Duty Officers/Duty Magistrates to coordinate with the on duty police and medical officials related to arrival and dispatch of returnees in institutional and community quarantine centres.

Brig. M. Thomas Ground at Kangpokpi DHQs will be set up a station ground for the arrival of stranded people from outside where they will be arranged to be sent to their own respective community quarantine centres while the police department under the supervision of SP Kangpokpi have been given the task to stop vehicles carrying passengers destined for Kangpokpi District and divert those vehicles to Thomas Ground.

The district police will also look after disinfection of Brig. M. Thomas Ground, screening areas and toilets which will be done by the district fire personnel at least twice in a day while the district police will also deploy escort vehicles for the vehicles transporting the stranded passengers of Kangpokpi from Brig. M. Thomas Ground till their respective community quarantine centres.

Considering the shortage of vehicles in the police department, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister requested the concerned department to provide at least two vehicles to Kangpokpi police at the earliest in the larger interest of the people.

PHE Department has been given the task to provide adequate water along with one Syntex (300 litres) fitted with Tap which can dispense water with leg lever for storage of potable water for cooking and also provide one water filter for drinking water provision to the passengers apart from supplying necessary disinfectants required for disinfection of Brig. M. Thomas Ground and quarantine centres in co-ordination with SDOs concerned.

PWD Kangpokpi shall assisted SDOs in setting up deep pit for disposal of bio-medical waste for institutional quarantine centres while SDOs/SDMs, Kangpokpi will co-ordinate with EE/PHED, MSPDCL and other concerned DLOs for setting up of institutional/community quarantine centres.

MSPDCL, Kangpokpi will be responsible for fitting of lights at Brig. M. Thomas Ground for night use and the light bill should be borne by department.

Medical team lead by Medical Superintendent shall conducted medical screening to those stranded people arriving at Brig. M. Thomas Ground while concerned Medical Officers of Institutional and Community Quarantine Centres shall brief the Do’s and Don’ts to inmates of the quarantine centres while SDOs concerned shall visit the quarantine centres on regular and take stock of the situation.

Considering the arrival of stranded passengers in the district, it has been unanimously decided that all markets in Kangpokpi District will remain open on all days only from 6:00 am to 11:00 am with immediate effect until further notice while movement of private vehicles including autos and other passenger vehicles without pass shall be dealt strictly and anyone found guilty will be punished under the relevant acts of Disaster Management Act.

Meanwhile, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen visited the Institutional Quarantine Centre at Kangpokpi DHQs after the review meeting. She was accompanied by SP Kangpokpi, SDO Kangpokpi and Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Kangpokpi along with Addl. SP Kangpokpi and other Medical Officers.

According to DM/DC Kangpokpi, there are 5 Institutional Quarantine Centres (IQC) 144 Community Quarantine Centres in the district to accommodate thousands returnees in the District. Out the five IQC, three have already been functional till date while the other two is yet to be function.

Later, in the afternoon, District Magistrate/DC Kangpokpi issued an order appointing fourteen officers as Magistrate on Duty to be station at Brig. M. Thomas Ground, the centralized arrival point during their respective allocation day to monitor the movement of stranded people spread across the district.

The District Magistrate/DC Kangpokpi orders stated that, the Magistrate on duty will coordinate with the police, medical, PHED, MSPDCL officials on the assigned days and supervised the overall management of the centralized arrival point along with concerned department as per needs including arrival and departure of stranded people.

It also directed the SDMs/SDCs on duty to maintain the file of the day about the details of arrival and departure of stranded people and report to the control room at DC office and officers on duty shall tie up with concerned SDOs for sending the stranded people to Institutional and Community Quarantine Centres.

It further said that disinfection of Centralized Arrival Point i.e. Brig. M. Thomas Ground will be done by Fire Department in coordination with PHED and Kangpokpi Youth Union (KYU) while KYU in consultation with Kangpokpi Town Committee and Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization may volunteer for provision of snacks to those stranded at the ground.

The DM/DC Kangpokpi order also stated that 38 Assam Rifles shall construct temporary tents for stranded people arriving at the Centralized Arrival Point at Kangpokpi DHQs and SP Kangpokpi shall deputed dedicated police team 24×7 at the ground to ensure that no stranded people arriving at the ground does not move outside.

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