Minister Lukhoi’s comments at reception is against law: Kh Mani

Minister Lukhoi’s comments at reception is against law: Kh Mani

TMB Report

Imphal: The Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) on Tuesday has stated that the comment of newly sworn-in Minister O. Lukhoi from Wangoi Assembly Constituency on work recruitment as well as other promises at a reception which had gone viral on social media was against the law and it can disrupt public order, affect morality, cause incitement of offense etc.

Addressing media persons, acting Chairman of MHRC Khaidem Mani stated that the Minister is a public servant, not a government employee, and said that every citizen has a freedom of expression and freedom of speech according to Article 19 A in Indian Constitution. However, in Article 19 (2) of Indian Constitution, there is a reasonable restriction that every citizen should not speak a word that can disrupt public order, incitement of offense, morality and that can bring turmoil to the State.

He questioned whether Ministers, CM, Cabinet Ministers and Bureaucrats officers can manipulate work recruitment, saying that such action is against the law. He said that bureaucrats and non-bureaucrats officers have a big shadow of corruption, nepotism and favoritism etc during work recruitment, files process etc.

It was said that the state government has promised to provide needful facilities of the commission but things are yet to be turned into action till date, Mani said with evident sarcasm. He also pointed out the running of MGNREGS as another example and said that due to inefficiency of the state government the MGNREGS has totally failed now. He went on to state that the whole system of the state has practically failed.

In order to save from such failure and to bring good governance and to follow the rules and regulation of the law, the commission has taken up more than 300 individual cases till date. Many of these cases have also been settled and many more cases are on a similar path for disposal in the future. So, in order to change the system of the state, bureaucrats, officers, IPS, MCS, IAS and high officials of the government and others need to perform their duties with dedication and honesty, he added. 

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