MHRC to visit and check quarantine centres

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) will be visiting some quarantine centres in the state within a short period of time as there have been lots of complaint directed to the commission from different sectors, groups, forums, individuals among others, acting Chairman of MHRC Khaidem Mani during a press conference held at the commission’s office at Lamphelpat on Wednesday.

Briefing the media persons, Khaidem Mani said that the entire people of Manipur should extend support and cooperation to the various precautionary steps being taken up by the state government at this hour. The political parties in the state should also support and cooperate with each other without any differentiation of political stands. Further, many NGOs, private companies/co-operations, organizations in the state have been taking up different measures for the benefit of the general public which should be received with gratefulness, he said.

He further said that we should all use sanitizers, face mask, and adopt the habits of washing hand frequently and keeping physical distance as it is very important to stick to the guidelines at this moment. As complaints have come from different quarantine centres by numbers of individuals or groups regarding improper toilet and washroom, improper maintenance of containers and insufficiency of water etc, the visit has been considered, Mani asserted.

On the other side, the Youth Forum for Protection for Human Rights (YFPHR) filed a complaint asking the commission to look into running of the quarantine centres in the state and take up actions if there are shortcomings. As per the complaints which were directed from different areas, the commission decided to visit some centres within a short period after holding a detailed discussion among its members. The commission will face the situation if there is any human right violation because of lockdown in the quarantine centres. In the meantime, the commission will always extend its support to the various measures taken up by the state government.

We should not only depend on government, doctors, nurses, media fraternity, police department, CSOs and others instead all of the citizen must help each other taking it as our own responsibility and duty at this critical situation, Mani said. He gave his WhatsApp numbers 986237830 to contact or make compliant through video, message, pictures etc if there are any problems, inconveniences, difficulties by those persons/individuals staying at quarantine centres.

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