Medical professionals should maintain decorum and caution dealing Ex-drug users: TSA

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Thadou Students’ Association has expressed concern over the humiliation meted out to a man who had signed up for voluntary blood donation during a camp held on 28th June at RIMS.

In a press release issued by its Secretary General,Michael Lamjathang Haokip, it was stated that the man in question had joined the blood donation camp organised in commemoration of the 163rd anniversary of ‘Sepoy Mutiny 1857’ and got humiliated by an assistant professor on the ground that he had been a drug user in the past.

A prospective blood donor from Sega Road was contemptuously shooed away, being humiliated by the professor, causing him to go through immense mental trauma due to the ill treatment and the harrowing experience, added the press release.

People in medical profession are requested to maintain decorum and caution while dealing with such cases and stigmatization of an ex-drug user. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect for abandoning drugs and other narcotic substances. After all we are all human beings, mentioned the press release.

It has further stated that blood donation is a benevolent activity and people who come to voluntarily donate blood should be welcomed and not treated with disdain. If doctors find that the donors do not fit the description he or she should be persuaded with respect because very few human beings have the greatness of heart and conviction to part with their precious blood, the TSA release stated.

The students’ body regretted that the situation had happened. Even though it was unfortunate and condemnable, and believing in forgetting the past, it appealed to the medical fraternity that such untoward incidents be avoided in the future.

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