Markets in Bishnupur District wear deserted looks due to lockdown

Markets in Bishnupur District wear deserted looks due to lockdown

TMB Report

Bishnupur: With the total lockdown imposed in the state from 2:00 PM of July 23 by the State Government to fight against the pandemic Covid-19, most of the major markets in Bishnupur District have wore a deserted look with no vendors coming out to vends their business due to the fear of Coronavirus.

The major markers of the Bishnupur District where no vendors were seen are Nambol, Oinam, Ningthoukhong, Bishnupur, Moirang, Kwakta, Kumbi markets.

During the first phase of lockdown, security personnel tried to stop vendors coming out to vend business in their respective markets. However, during the current phase of lockdown not a single vendors were seen nor the public, probably due to the fear of the novel virus which is rumoured to have spread through community.

However, many commuters plying on the empty Tiddim road failed to wear facemasks and follow Covid-19 SOP while driving above high speed limit.

Meanwhile, those Police personnel who also fear the Coronavirus continued to carry on their duties while urging the public to stay safe and protected and take joint responsibility in fighting against these pandemic virus.

Senior Medical Officer CHC Nambol Dr. Surjit Khaidem said that as a compulsory duty for the public, they are also doing their duty and urged the public not to try to come to the hospital as much possible in-case of emergencies and if do come, do not come along with any attendant, always use face mask properly, use hand sanitisers and never forget to follow Covid-19 SOP.

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