Manipur in lockdown mode – people must cooperate

The state government’s plan to go lockdown mode closing all major markets in the state including the Ima markets in Imphal must be welcome with arms wide open in this time where there is a fear for spread of the Coronavirus. Though there has been no confirmed cases in the state, thank God for that, the steps taken by the government to prevent any spread of the disease, if there be any, in one move that must be looked up with positive attitude. Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has also called for Janta Curfew on Sunday, calling on all the people ‘of the country to stay indoor on that day and to applause each other by end of day. Maybe not a great move as compared and criticized by critics with other countries, one must accept that a large gathering of people is always a major threat for the spread of the disease. Schools and educational institutions have also been closed till March 31, 2020 in a view to prevent the spreading of the disease if there be any. Even the All Manipur Christian Organisation (AMCO) has also called on all Churches in the state to suspend any Church services till end of month.

With thousands infects and dead since the spread of the disease earlier this year, there has been apprehension and fear for the Coronavirus. Governments across the globe are taking measures to help the disease in all ways possible. Many have stopped or prevented tourists from entering their country. India has suspended all tourist visas till April 15 in a move to prevent the disease being spread, if any from tourists. In the state, the Biren government has also locked down entry from Myanmar. And besides closing down educational institutions till March 31 and prohibiting any function or gathering in large number, the government has also closed down all major markets in the state.

And in a time when the state government is taking such measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, if there be any, it is of utmost importance for the people of the state to cooperate with the government and help in the fight to prevent the spread of such disease. Prevention is better than cure they say and that is exactly what the state government appears to be doing. And if not, one small mistake can be a major problem for the state. Hence, the people are requested to stay indoors as much as possible in these times and help prevent the disease from spreading if any. It is one small step for the government that will become a giant leap for the people of Manipur in fighting against Coronavirus.

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