Macheng Villager Authority denies allegations in dog shooting incident

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Macheng Village Authority (MVA) has denied the allegation leveled against it in social media platforms by Soyapam Vashi and Yening Animal Foundation (YAF) of shooting a dog belonging to Vashi.

In a press release MVA stated that on July 26, 2020, YAF had wrongfully posted comments in various social media including Facebook alleging that a dog belonging to Soyapam Vashi was shot by the villagers of Macheng village. The village authority also stated on that very day they entered into a mutual agreement with Soyapam Vashi, owner of the dog wherein Soyapam had clarified that the news items published by YAF regarding the incident of the dog and posted on Facebook were false and done without his consent.

Soyapam tendered his apology to the village authority for violation of the direction of the village authority and agreed to abide by the customary laws of the village, MVA said in the press release.

In utter violation of the agreement, Soyapam Vashi in connivance with the YAF again published articles in various press media alleging that a dog was shot by the chief of Macheng village. The allegations are false and baseless and are done only to tarnish the image of the village with ulterior motives, the note added.

Further it was clarified that, Soyapam Vashi owns around 6 dogs and they are being left freely to roam around the village. The villagers have requested him to keep the dogs inside his premises as they have bitten three villagers but he did not pay any heed and let his dog out and caused great inconvenience to the villagers. As regards the expulsion from the village, MVA was compelled to take such action for violation of the customary laws of the village for defaming the village by publishing baseless allegations in the press and other media, added chairman of Macheng village, Gaithaoni Gangmei.

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