Low Cost Agarbatti Maker Launched

TMB Correspondent

Thoubal: Kanglei Khongyang Thijinyon (KKT),  Imphal in collaboration with LAS Pvt. Ltd. Imphal has conducted its “Product Launching” programme at the premises of the Meitram Foundation, Imphal on Saturday.

The launched product launched is a low cost Agarbatti Maker, a manually operated agarbatti maker made indigenously by LAS Pvt. Ltd. Imphal.

Director KKT, Imphal Dr. L. Jaydeva; Chief Consultant, KKT, Imphal Dr.M.Niraj Luwang; Proprietor, LAS Pvt. Ltd. Imphal Laimayum Abungo Sharma and Chairman The Meitram Foundation, Imphal Meitram Udoi Luwang attended the event as Presidium members.

Speaking at the event Dr. L. Jaydeva stated that its product agarbati maker is a manually operated with no electrical inputs and could make 10 incence sticks at one time and 900 sticks in one hour. The maker is light weight and could be operated by anyone, he added.

Jaydeva said that on an average, a meitei family uses around 15- 20 incense sticks in a day and this low cost Agarbatti Maker can satisfy the need of a family requirement of incense sticks.

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