Locals in Bishnupur fighting fear of possible community spread of COVID-19

Locals in Bishnupur fighting fear of possible community spread of COVID-19

TMB Report

BISHNUPUR: Local residents are fighting the fear of a possible community spread of Covid-19 in the area after the opening of Covid-19 isolation ward at Bishnupur District Hospital, after days of observing the poor supervision by authorities and wayward behavior and activities shown by some of the youth in there who are undergoing treatment.

The patients admitted there are natives who have returned to the state from outside states on special trains as part of an evacuation programme.

Portraying the discomforting situation, vice-president of Lumlangdong Apunba Nupi Lup L. Pramo insisted that some of the inmates will sneaked out of their wards and eve tease local girls walking on the road from the other side of the wall by climbing atop a wooden prop. On other occasions, they will pelt stones, leave the climbing prop outside the wall and throw covers and pouches of eatable items from the windows of the hospitals toward residential areas, she said.

The fears of the local residents have also been heightened by the directions of the outflow of the drains from the hospitals. According to Pramo, the outlets from the toilets in the north move along Ngaikhong Thambal Khong Turel, those from the laboratory along the forest office and those from the casualty ward along the main gate, all passing through residential space. The district hospitals in other places are suitably located at isolated places but unfortunately the one in Bishnupur is merged with the town settlement, she added in her complaint.

As a result, the local population has drawn the attention of the authorities to take up steps to restore confidence of their safety or possibly shift the ward to another hospital. Subsequently, Bishnupur Keithel will be shut down from June 19 to 21 and a public discussion will be held to consider the correct approach to the situation.

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