Local company launches body disinfection chamber

TMB Report

IMPHAL: A local company named the BK Group Enterprises has launched a low cost Body Disinfection Chamber (BDC) at Khwai Brahmapur Leikai on Thursday, which will be capable of disinfecting the occupants of the chamber from the dreaded Covid-19 even as the pandemic of the virus spread though many countries around the world.

We believe this prototype (christened the BK-BDCO1) will help control the outbreak of Covid-19 in the state by disinfecting the people … it is a low cost body disinfection chamber with an automatic sensor attached to it.

This prototype can be implemented in front of offices, community entrances, localities or local areas, market places, hotels, police stations, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities or any public places even after the lockdown to stop the further spread of the disease, said a statement from the company.

“We faced many difficulties in garnering the requirement due to the lockdown and some of the parts could not be procured at all, so the team had to build them with modification from the available resources. Due to this compromise made on some of its components this prototype is not a perfect one but at least we have managed to make it functional. We are ready to help by building more of BDC to support Manipur in enhancing the preparedness and response against Covid-19,” stated the press statement.

The BK Group has also requested the state government to kindly help and offer support in meeting the shortages of materials and enable increased production of the equipment. It urged the medical experts and concerned departments of the state to help them with the nuances of such a machine as the group in not primarily concern with the medical sector.

The BK Group expressed its gratefulness to PK. Singh, Principal Secretary and Resident Commissioner, Manipur Bhawan, Delhi and Khutheibam Farook Ali, Deputy SP CID for their maximum support and help in the completion of the project. It also further expressed its gratitude to all member of Imphal Sporting Club (ISC), Khwai Brahmapur Leikai.

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