LNKR, LPNR call for justice for Ab Kaidihemang from Makhan village

LNKR, LPNR call for justice for Ab Kaidihemang from Makhan village

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IMPHAL: The Liangmei Naga Katimai Raungdi (LNKR) and Liangmai Pui Naga Ruangdi (LPNR) have called for justice for a villager of Makhan village who was injured due to a gunshot fired from the service rifle of a police commando at Makhan river on June 15, 2010.

In a press release jointly signed by the general secretary of LNKR and president of LPNR, it was stated that on June 15, 2010, a civilian Ab. Kaidihemang, 30 year old (at the time of incident), son of Nampuilungbou Abonmai of Makhan village, a fresh theological graduate pursuing at the then Berean Baptist Bible College, Bangalore was grievously injured after suffering a gunshot injury from the service rifle of a police commando without any provocation.

It was said that on that day, a group of youths of Makhan village came to Makhan river to see the river flood water. As the water course was very strong, they could not hear a low voice. Therefore, his friends called Ab. Kaidihemang in a loud voice reached them. All of a sudden, the said personnel who was on the other bank of the river among a team of commando, intentionally fired at Ab. Kaidihemang without any provocation on the said day and he received a bullet injuring at his left shoulder and chest permanently damaging his spinal cord. Shortly afterwards, eye witnesses saw two gypsy vehicles bearing registration No. MNO1 5391and MNO1 -6391 labelled as Imphal West CDO fleeing away from the spot knowing that a man was injured.

The press release further said that then the victim was hospitalized for more than a month but could not recover from bullet injury and it has made him totally paralysed from upper chest to toe. Since the day he was shot he could no longer rise from his bed. Therefore, the victim and his family members are bearing untold miseries, as he is permanently maimed and bed ridden.

His family members are attending him days and nights for these long 10 years facing physical pain and hardship, and emotional distress facing the altering effects. The family is facing huge financial strain, for medical care at home and his necessities as well. Surviving with a gun injury cost unbearable pains to the victim and family. After all he was the main bread earner and looked after his aged parents, it added.

Till today, the victim has not received any benefit and compensation for his grievous injury and family members are finding it impossible to arrange the expensed incurred in medical bills due to their economic status. At the time of incidence, the then Imphal West SP L. Kailun, IPS had convinced the victim’s family and villagers not to call an agitation, promising that the victim’s kin will be given a Government Service job to look after the victim. The victim party along with L. Kailun, ADGP met DGP on June 17, 2010 and at that time they were assured of all possible help at the next recruitment.

Unfortunately, the assurance for appointment from the kin victim’s family to the post of constable is still unfulfilled till today. The matter was also brought to the notice of the concerned department many times and DGP, Manipur has also written to the Under Secretary (Home), Government of Manipur vide letter No. E/31/212012-PHQ (Adm) Pt-D/14115 dated 19/9/2016. But nothing is done so far. Awangbou Newmai MLA, Tamei-52(ST) A/C, vide U.O. No. 05/01/MLA/52(ST)A/C2019 dated 17/1/2019 has also written to Chief Minister, Manipur in this regard.

And Z. Kikhonbou Newmai vice-Chairman Hills Areas Committee had written to Radhesyam, IPS Chairman, Manipur Police Constable Recruitment Board D.O. 2/2/(Vc-HACyLA/13 dated October 2015 and to Dr S. Ibocha Singh IGP (Adm), for Director under Secretary (Home) vide No. E/31/21/2012-PHQ (Adm/ (Pt-1) dated 19h September 2016. Also L Kailun, ADGP had written to Director General of Police vide No. 18/5/2013-1GP (L&0-I0/145 dated 31st January 2013. However, no action has been taken up so far, said the release.

On good faith, the victim’s family had agreed not to involve any agitation and have been waiting these long years with the same faith in them until today. The assurance is still not yet met. This incident happened at the time of then Chief Minister Ibobi Singh, 2010. At the onset of the year, 2020, the Liangmai Naga Katina Ruangdi (LNKR) and Liangmai Pui Naga Ruangdi (LPNR) General of Police made an attempt to sought appointment to meet the present Chief Minister by forwarding an application through secretary of Chief Minister and to discuss the matter on the table and bring an amicable solution. But, so far the attempts have been of no avail. So, after expending all alternatives the two organizations is resorting to take the help of the media to pour our grievances before it is too late, the release stated.

“The commando personnel broke the law and the top officials and the government covered up his crime … Our demand is that the Commando Personnel Takhellambam Anou Meitei should be terminated from his service as his conduct brings disgrace to the police department … The LNKR and LPNR demanded that the victim should get justice (and monetary assistance which have been incurred during treatment over the long years) … financial security in the days to come … provide service to the victim’s kin which was promised by the then SP lmphal West,” the statement said.

The two organizations also plead to all the human rights agencies, related NGOs, human right activists, CSOs and right thinking person’s to raise our voices in unison to get justice and to curb out this gun culture in our society.

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