LNKK expresses gratitude

TMB Report

CHANDEL: While expressing profound shock and sorrow over the sad and untimely demise of Col. Peter Sankhil –MSM of Paraolon village on February 7, 2020, the Lamkang Naga Kver Kunpun (LNKK) has extended sincere thanks to fellow Naga brethren who extended their support.

A press release by Paul Thamsen Leivon, Secretary of LNKK said they expressed their gratitude to Naga brethren, particularly the Naga communities of Dimapur viz. NAFD, GIHQ Naga Army, Punglwa villagers, Asalu Zeliangrong Region, AC Bn and all rank and files of GPRN, Naga Peoples’ Organization (NPO) and Senapati District Students’ Association for standing by them and sharing the sorrow. Our special thanks to CNPO and other Naga organizations for the warm reception accorded to his mortal remains at the district headquarters on February 8, 2020, the LNKK said.

It was truly hcartwarming and worthy of one deserved by a true son of the soil, who had wholehearted served the Naga community cause since 1991, the LNKK stated and added that they are also humbled by the kind gesture shown by our fellow Nagas – Anal, Maring, Moyon, Monsang, Aimol, Khoibu, Chothe and Tarao during the mortal remains journey to Chandel.

These spontaneous gestures were unprecedented, and we can only conclude that even in death, the erstwhile Naga Soldier had united us despite belonging to different tribes. May this unity ever flourish, the LNKK stated.

LNKK would also like to thank all the Lamkang people for coming out in big numbers and showing their respects to late Col. Peter Sankhil. We thank all the generous souls and their family members who contributed generously in cash, kind and pledge for assistance to his Children’s education expenses. May our good Lord bless them abundantly, Paul Leivon said in the press statement.

Finally, the LNKK would like to officially condole the sad and untimely demise of Col.

Peter Sankhil (MSM) and express heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family on behalf of all the Lamkang people. We would like to assure the family that the community shall always standby them in times of need, Paul Leivon said.

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