LLTDCS appeals against opposition to Loktak Inland Waterway project

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Loktak Lake Tourism Development Co-Operative Society Limited, Sendra Chingkhong appealed to the environmentalists and people of Thanga not to oppose the Inland Waterway project of the Government.

M Ibosana Singh, president Loktak Lake Tourism Development Co-Operative Society Limited while briefing reporters at Manipur Press Club said that the organization welcomes the inland waterway project.

Introduction of the inland waterway will provide better, affordable and convenient connectivity and transport to the people inhabiting at Toubul, Ningthoukhong, Phubala, Thanga Karang, Thanga Chingkha, Khordak Nongmaikhong, Mayang Imphal and other villages in the vicinity. There is no any question of disturbing the activities of the fishermen by the inland waterway. Almost people of surrounding Sendra are  fishermen and they have well experience of the woes experienced during fishing activities. As such, people of Sendra well come such inland waterway project.

He said that the environmentalists and other people who are opposing the inalnd waterway need to be aware of the importance of such project. Nobody, except the people of Sendra, will not know the problems the tourists are facing, he added.

Let the fishermen survive with their fishing activities and also, let the boatmen who are maintaining their families by providing boat service to the tourists survive. Protection of Loktak is the desire of all the people in the state. However, it is only LDA which is dedicating itself for protection of the lake. Officials of LDA are well aware of the problems, sentiment of the people settled at Loktak lake and taking up action to the tune of the public aspirations, he insisted.

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