Lilong Haoreibi College Student’s Union locks A-Block again

Lilong Haoreibi College Student’s Union locks A-Block again

TMB Report

THOUBAL: The Lilong Haoreibi College Student’s Union has locked the Administrative Block of the college for the second time on Saturday.

A press release by the union stated that they had locked down the A- Block of the college since two months but unfortunately the corrupted Principal Dr. A. Surendra along with some of the engagement staffs had allegedly unlocked it on Saturday. This was shameful. When the Student’s Union learnt about it, they rushed to the site but the guilty principal and his engagement team had already ran away, they stated. Hence, the union had re-locked the same then.

The corrupted Principal and his team who stealthily unlock the A- Block should hold the responsibility for any loss of the college property, the release added.

The release also urged the authority concerned that the corrupted Principal Dr. A. Surenjit should be suspended at the earliest and an independent inquiry should also be conducted against him. The government should transfer all the dictator teachers of the college, further all the engagement staffs should also be removed from their respective posts, the union demanded.

 The release added that the union had been urging the higher authority of Education ( U) to consider all these genuine demands for the last two months, but remains unfruitful till today. No action had been taken so far against the guilty principal, this had added salt to the injury, the release added.

The union had been demanding to bring out a white paper on college funds also, but the dictator Principal had failed to do the same. The authority concerned should intervene at the earliest and it is not reasonable for the government to stand aside of the Principal, the student body said. They demanded that the corrupted Principal should be suspended and asserted that the union is ready to resume severe forms of agitation for saving the college from the hands of dictators. The government will face the music for any unwanted incidents, the release warned.

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