Leilon, Konsakhul VA slam SKSCJDO assertion over NSU Haraothel

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Village Authority of Leilon Vaiphei and Konsakhul under Kangchup Geljang Sub Division in Kangpokpi District has vehemently slammed the allegation and claimed of Senjam Khunou and Senjam Chirang Joint Development Organization stating that they are desperate to endure the fabricated allegation and confrontations.

In a joint press communiqué signed by Khupneilun Vaiphei, Chief of Chief of Leilon Vaiphei Village and A.B. Lempu, Chief of Konsakhul village said that the current ministry, the BJP led government is solely responsible to resolve the erratic allegation, i.e. L.Tangnuam@Haoraothel village being accused as established recently and false statements wherein Misc. case No. 434 of 1827-28 signed by SI Duncan reference to the Press statement of SKSCJDO on June 10 while adding that SKSCJDO also raise and indicate the intention of communal conflict with their statement vehemently.

It also said that contemplated to the ongoing pandemic COVID 19 in the entire globe, the crisis is highly anticipated to be well taken to conclude. Therein, such crisis prevails temporarily accept God’s wrath and ordinance. We are apparently developing the culture of compassion and love for one another in all the nook and corners especially in our state Manipur. It is our utmost wants and longings that every individual’s livelihood, institutions, establishments and all aspects are to be sustained very eminently.

Amidst this pandemic the state government is also rendering all necessary measures to fight the COVID 19 respectively. It is indeed laudable to mention that National Sports’ University, Haraothel Village project Construction work has commenced which was initiated and projected during the Congress led Government unanimously. The ongoing work progress of NSU construction site gives hope and much expectation to the surrounding villages comprising of different communities, it added.

It also said that we are grateful to the state government for emphasizing such a big and incredible project in our land and at the same time we are left with extreme confusion and chaos in terms of the land holding/land ownership, however, it is quite deplorable to state that the Current BJP Led Government is manipulating the administration in their sinister plans to create chaos among the nearby villages vehemently and as our defendants, it is our esteem responsibility to lay down some of our genuine records in respect of our land holding.

The current land allotted and utilized for NSU Complex unconditionally and inevitably belongs to Hill peoples i.e. Konsakhul and Leilon Vaiphei Village since time immemorial claiming with the written record of Case No. and dated.

In the Court of PMSD Hill Mics. Case no. 388 of 1920-21; in the Court of Hill Minister misc .no.94 0f 1947-48; In the court of SDC Sadar and Thoubal Hills Criminal case no 121/ S + Th. Hills of 1952; In the court of Chief Commissioner Manipur CC Hill cril. Appeal case No.5 of 1953, signed by i). C.Gimson ICS, President Manipur state Darbar dated 06/12/1920; ii). R.Khuthing, BA, MBE M-C minister ri/c Hill administration that 02/07/1948; iii) Maisnam Nabakumar Singh SDO Sadar dated 08/11/1950 and iv) R.P Bhargava, Chief Commissioner Manipur dated 07/08/1953.

It continued that apart from all these evidences and written records, we also experience the well confined and tranquility prevailed among the hill villages (Konsakhul and Leilon Vaiphei) and Senjam Chirang & Senjam Khunnou historically.

Lamenting to the past sound relationship share by elders in particular, the prominent leaders of Senjam Chirang and Senjam Khunnou were standing side to side with the hill peoples whence there was illegal claim and bias appeal of Land acquisition by Koutruk Village and as of now, the rise of sudden misunderstanding between the Hill People (Konsakhul and Leilon Vaiphei) and Senjam Chirang and Senjam Khunnou, we are desperate to endure the fabricated allegation and confrontations at large.

It further said that the Hill peoples are precise with our stands to coordinate to the developmental works of the state Government exclusively. While adding that we insist ourselves for a peaceful coexistence with every community and also are ready to donate our ancestral land for the welfare of the people of Manipur (our brothers and sisters) rather with the righteous execution.

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