Legalisation of Cannabis: It’s easier said than done

So, the state government is considering legalization of cannabis in the state, but of course, for medicinal purpose. Will the government succeed in going ahead with the plan considering that there are organizations that are even against the sale of alcohol in the state? And to legalize cannabis, also known as Marijuana or Ganja, which can be used as both as illegal drug or medicine in the state? The road to legalizing Cannabis in the state will definitely not go down with a protest. But yes, the government plans to legalize it only for medicinal and industrial purposes. Declaring about the legalization of medicinal marijuana in the state, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, during a press conference held in Imphal on September 21, 2019, said that the government was seriously considering legalising medical marijuana to help boost the state’s revenue. He also said this hemp oil can not only help patients of paralysis but also help the state strengthen its economy. “We will discuss the issue at the next meeting of state Cabinet. Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have already legalised it for medicinal purposes,” he said. He also shared an incident where a mother sold her house to invest in medical cannabis oil for her wheelchair-bound daughter, even posting it on his Facebook with the caption, “God must be crazy! Happy mother!”

The intention of the government for a positive note must be appreciated considering that Marijuana indeed has various medicinal and industrial purposes and can, hence, be used in the right way. And yes, legalizing Cannabis will also help boost the state’s revenue and strengthen the economy. But again, as mentioned earlier the state government will face challenges from a large section of the society and various CSOs considering that Cannabis is considered a drug and can be misused, legalized or not. Moreover, it is making the people understand that it is for medicinal purpose, which will be really a difficult task for the government. Will the common people really under the positive used of Marijuana? Likely not. Thousands of acres of illegal poppy plantations being destroy is one clear example how many will even utilize the legalization of Cannabis in the wrong way. Moreover, in a state where brewing and sale of even local alcohol is opposed by certain associations, will these CSOs really give the go ahead with the legalization of cannabis, which can be misused as drugs?

A tough challenge lies ahead for the government in its move to legalise cannabis in the state. While the intention is good and must be appreciated, the government must also work on making the common people and certain CSOs understand the legalization and the importance of Cannabis in everyday life especially in medicinal and industrial purposes. The government must also keep a vigilance to make sure that the legalized marijuana is no misused for business purpose or for recreational drug. Indeed, considering the usefulness of Cannabis, it is indeed a great move from the part of the government to legalise it. But the government must understand that the process to legalizing cannabis is easier said than done.

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