Left Parties all set to launch series of protest for 10 days from today

Left Parties all set to launch series of protest for 10 days from today

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IMPHAL: Left Political Parties along with like-minded parties in the state have announced to launch series of campaigns and agitation against CAA and tyrannical BJP regime from January 21, the day on which Manipur attained statehood.

12 parties (CPI, CPI-M, AITC, FB, RPI-A, RSP, RJSP, JDS, NCP, DBSP, Congress) decided to launch series of protest and campaign for 10 days to safeguard the Constitution of India, Secularism and Democracy, Laishram Sitinkumar secretary CPI Manipur state council told reporters in a press conference held at Irawat Bhawan, BT Road, Imphal on Monday.

He said that the country has seen widespread protest against CAA. On January 13, around 20 polical parties in the country held a joint meeting in New delhi to launch nationwide protest. In line with the resolution of the meeting, political parties in the state also discussed about the protest. People of the state also rose against the CAA when it was enacted in the state. ILPS would have been enacted in the state had the people strongly protested against CAA.

Stating that CAA is a communal act which challenges secular spirit of the constitution, he said it will cause communal flare up and exterminate the indigenous people in the region. Political parties strongly feel that ILPS cannot the influx of migrants from the neigbouring countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangalesh when they are granted Citizenship under CAA 2019. As such, the protest against the act need to be taken forward in the present situation.

He lambasted the BJP regime dubbing it dictatorial, tyrannical, the CPI leader who was arrested and recently released on bail for protesting against CAA said that the dream of BJP is convert the country into a Hindu nation after capturing political power by hook or by crook. The Hindutva ideology of BJP is clearly reflected in the recent statement of RSS leader Mohan Bhagawat. Instead of taking up measures to resolve unemployment crisis, economic crisis in the country, BJP is on hectic dictatorial campaign to effectively enact CAA to materialize its dream to build a Hindu nation. Everybody who protest CAA has been arrested and detained in Jail under different repressive laws, he added.

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