Lay out plans for re-opening of schools, colleges: AISF to govt

TMB Report

Imphal: All India Students’ Federation (AISF) has requested the state government to lay out its plans for re-opening of schools and colleges in the state.

In a press release issued by MSC/Secretary Rebisdash it was stated that re-opening of schools and colleges in the state with proper guidelines of COVID-19 SOPs and preventive measures is the special modus operandi the state government needs to take up as soon as possible.

It is unfortunate that numerous meetings and events held under the initiative of Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam to discuss matters regarding reopening of schools and colleges had remained inconclusive.

On the other hand, depending only on the functioning of online classes is somewhat unsuitable with the nature of learning skills in the state, as online classes are unfeasible for students who cannot afford a smart phone, laptop or computer. If the government comes out with the absolute decision for online class as an alternative learning method, then such technology hardware must be given in fair and affordable prices for students who reach out to purchase for their academic necessity, stated the press release.

It has further stated that though numerous events were held for discussing matters regarding reopening of schools and colleges for the goodwill of student in the state is appreciated, however, inability to proceed into action is discouraging while other states have begun its academic sessions amidst COVID-19 with their profound modus operandi laid by their respective governments.

It has been three to four months the education system has been put on hold affecting student’s life in many terms, therefore the government is urged to gather intellectual people and bring out productive decisions to start re-opening of schools and colleges in the state, added the press release.

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