Langol area to stage sin-in-protest for road

TMB Report

Imphal: The Langol Chingmee Tammee Nupi Yaipha Thourang Lup in collaboration with Langol Magic Drivers’s Association will stage a sit in protest in the next two-three days during the Assembly session in order to draw the attention of the state government on the longstanding neglect in maintenance of roads in the Langol area.

Talking to media persons, the General secretary Langol Chingmee Tammee Nupee Yaipha Thourang Lup, N Bino stated that a delegation comprising of both men and women from the locality had approached the deputy chief minister and local MLA several times but no positive responses were given. Instead, the authorities keep neglecting and ignoring the much needed repair, making excuses of lack of proper fund till now since the beginning of installation of the BJP led government in Manipur.

Bino added that the local minister has stated that the total amount of the road construction will be Rs two crore and that the state government has not released that amount of fund. So the local MLA had taken up repair by filling stones and earth from his private fund but it has resulted in aggravation of the road condition. She mentioned that the big question is to seek reasons why a minister from a party in the ruling coalition in the BJP led Governments has not been able to get fund in the developmental fund programme.

Principal of St. Savio School Ngangom Somendro also appealed to the concerned state authority to look into the grievances for the sake of three/four years old students to enjoy their schooling with no disturbance arising out of the dust and mud filled roads. It is their privilege to seek good road infrastructure similar to other school students, she added.

Giving first priority on drainage construction is very much needed before the construction of road as it had made the road slippery and is suspected to be the main reason behind the absence of some students who walks on foot to school and underwent inconveniences specially during rainy season, he added.

One of the local persons claimed that during the previous Government the repair of roads in the area was about to take place but unfortunately the fund was diverted to other developmental project. The same situation is happening again during the BJP government and no development of the road has been taken up in the three years. We are extremely unfortunate living under the rule of narrow minded politicians who are bias towards working for the welfare and the development of their own local area and constituency only, he added.

The local person further mentioned that, the BJP government has once promised to the local people in a meeting at Langol on the first year of its tenure that the road will be constructed soon but till now there is no visible picture of construction process ever beginning.

The president of the Langol Magic Drivers’ Association Oinam Nonigopal while admitting that bandhs and strikes are not healthy practices it is sometime necessary as the concerned authorities keep on neglecting the demands of the public and put aside the welfare of the local people and drivers. This is a matter of safety for the drivers and the public and the agitation will continue till the state government give a positive response, he stated.

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