Landslide cuts off Twilang area from rest of the world amid COVID-19

Landslide cuts off Twilang area from rest of the world amid COVID-19

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KANGPOKPI: More than thirty thousand people residing in Twilang area under several assembly constituencies from Kangpokpi, Tamenglong and Senapati district were completely cut off as a massive landslide swept away part of Imphal-Tamenglong commonly known as Twilang road yesterday.

The state oldest highway, Imphal-Tamenglong road, which serves as the only lifeline and connectivity for various communities living in the area, has also become a mockery for the state Government owing to its disgraceful and ghoulish condition at all times.

A massive landslide that occurred yesterday had affected around 150 metre of the Twilang road out of which approximately 40 metre of the road located in between 10 miles Poudel Basti and 13 Miles Thonglang Atongba, 20 Km from Kangpokpi DHQs was totally swept away by the landslide.

The landslide had a dangerous impact on ten residential houses of Thonglang Atongba. The residential houses belonged to Wangsanbou Charenamei (35), s/o Pirang Charenamei; Ch. Joseph (36), s/o Ch. Karambou;  M. Amon (28), s/o M. Sainiubou; Pirang Charenamei (58), s/o Ch. Apingbou and M. Bijoy (65), s/o (L). M. Karambou developed fissure inside the house owing to the landslide while houses of Wikambou Charenamei (50), s/o (L) Tapong Charenamei; M. Ajaibou (54), s/o (L) Sama; Ch. Lungkimbou Roland (32), s/o Ch. Karambou; RK. Happyson (32), s/o (L) RK. Talong and RK. Stenhop (46), s/o RK. Majangbou are partially be affected by the landslide.

Speaking to media persons at the spot this afternoon, Lutngam Manlun, Chairman, Joint Monitoring and Development Committee on IT. Road Kangpokpi to Tamei said that it has become tremendously insufferable for the people of Twilang area as it [the area] has been completely cut off with the rest of world at this critical juncture of the pandemic COVID-19.

He continued that as the landslide cut off the area it had severe impact on ferrying inmates or returnees for surveillance at the fourteen Community Quarantine Centres set up in the area apart from tremendously affecting the people as it [I.T.Road] is the only lifeline of the people.

He also said that if the road is not reconstructed at the earliest much health related problems are likely to come up as it had already rendered immense hardships in the functioning of health centres under PHC T.Waichong as movement of vehicle could no longer exist.

He further said that the role of the local MLAs, Ministers and elected representatives are not up to the mark and people of the area are not satisfy with their service towards the people while adding that the condition of the road has clearly demonstrated how sincere and committed the elected representatives are towards their people.

Joint Monitoring and Development Committee on IT. Road Kangpokpi to Tamei Chairman draw the attention of Government, concerned authorities and elected MLAs, Minister of the area to restore the road swept away by the landslide apart from revamping the highway at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Thonglang Atongba Village Authority Vice Chairman, Kohopou Charenamei said that apart from initiating immediate action to reconstruct the road swept away by the landslide, the Government and concerned authority must also look into the grievances of the affected villagers of Thonglang Atongba whose houses are in the verge of collapse by providing relief materials, etc.

He also said that despite of Twilang area (IT.Road) being under Tadubi, Tamei, Kangpokpi and Saitu assembly constituencies having three Minister and one MLA in the present Government, nothing has been initiated for the state oldest highway considering the plights of the people for the past many years.

It was reported that no concerned officials and representatives of the Government visited the spot till today despite of being informing them moment the incident occurred.

Joint Monitoring and Development Committee on IT. Road Kangpokpi to Tamei Chairman Lutngam Manlun and Thonglang Atongba Village Authority Vice Chairman, Kohopou Charenamei are also concerned that if any inmates under surveillance at the Community Quarantine Centres in the area and the general public happen to have any health issues what would be their fate.

The leaders fervently appeal the state Government and concerned authority to take up immediate measures to restore the highway at the earliest so as to avoid occurrence many more unwanted issues apart from the public grievances amid the COVID-19 crisis in the larger interest of all.

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