Lamjingba Group clarifies

TMB Report

IMPHAL: A director of the  Lamjingba Group Private Ltd company, Matum Vairen Singh on Thursday clarified and regretted the delay in few projects taken up by different units of the company including TOM TV cable distributors group and Kangla package drinking water and other inconveniences, some of which had went viral in social media recently.

Briefing to media persons at Manipur Press Club, the director said that generally every project takes time but the company accepts the grievances and apologize for delay and inability to fully implement the assurances beyond the fixed dates. We are working hard to implement the projects optimally within a short time, he stated.

He further said that the aim and objective of the company is to bring growth in the local economy and provide jobs by using the natural resources and human skill resources.  There is intention to indulge in corruption or usurp others’ money. Instead, we are servicing by providing the items necessary for daily survival, he added.

Lamjingba group has refunded subscribers enrollment fee to the tune of around Rs seventy lakhs as per their request, out of one Rs crore eighty seven lakhs and fifty thousand from around thirty three thousand subscribers.

He added that, Lamjingba Group is still open for subscription and any interested subscriber can directly come to our office  in case if any wants to refund their enrollment fee, the director further stated. He admitted that some PRE’s (public relations executive) have not distributed the refund amount to the subscribers which had transacted from concern office as per complain received from their subscriber.

Lamjingba group has collected all the complaints received and have after consulting legal section in order to completely stop such practice in the future resolved to take up strict legal action against those parties violating the company policy. 

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