KYWAC expresses shock over ILP

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Kadajit Youths’ Welfare Associated Club (KYWAC) has expressed shock with the state government decision to start issuing of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) pass to outsiders during the pandemic of Covid-19 that had put every citizen in the state in times of trouble.

As per the press release issued by KYWAC general secretary M Chaoba Meitei it was stated that it is a fact that the Covid-19 disease spread in the state from people arriving here from outside states. Hence, the association urges the concern state authority to immediately cease the issuing of passes under ILP to non-locals and to strictly prohibit the unimportant entry of outsiders into the state.

Further, KYWAC sought the people to carry out its own necessary defensive activities in fighting the spread of local transmission of Covid-19 by following the rules and regulation prescribed by WHO in order to make Manipur successfully free itself from Covid-19 pandemic.

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