KYU initiates Mask Kangpokpi campaign

KYU initiates Mask Kangpokpi campaign

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KANGPOKPI: Following the strong directive of the Government for mandatory mask and considering the necessity, the Kangpokpi Youth Union initiated Mask Kangpokpi campaign today in the District Headquarters.

The member of the youth union lead by its President Haolet Khongsai and Vice President Kamgougin Lunkim distributed mask to the people while advocating the importance of wearing it to prevented from the pandemic COVID-19.

The Kangpokpi Youth Union had purchased the mask with their available meager funds apart from assistance from good samaritan well-wishers and pharmacy owners in the town.

It had also conducted publicity since the past few days within the District Headquarters cautioning the people not to venture out without any valid reasons, and in case of emergency they must compulsorily wear mask, be it those available at pharmacies or home made mask.

The youth union also in collaboration with the District police monitor the movement of vehicles and people along the highway apart from within the locality without any valid reasons.

Members of the Youth union today distributed mask to those coming out from home with a valid reasons at different locations within the District Headquarters after verifying the reasons of their venturing out.

However, the youth union warn that it will start strictly monitoring the mandatory mask in the town and if anybody is found venturing out without mask it will be compel to take extreme action from tomorrow.

Speaking on the sideline of the distribution of mask, KYU President, Haolet Khongsai said that mouth and nose should be covered by facial masks or any other available piece of cloth which may even include a properly folded or rolled dupatta, handkerchief or any such materials that acts as a protective cover.

“The moment you leave your room or you leave your house, you have to wear a mask when you go out”, said the KYU President.

He continued that we have distributed the mask and generally people have started to adjust to the new requirements or the advisory of the Government that are made mandatory for all.

He also appealed to people to come at the District Headquarters wearing mask.

KYU Vice President, Gogou Lunkim maintained that making wearing mask mandatory shall not be taken as a permit to venture out. You should not go out as much as possible rather just stay at home as much as possible and do right things, practice good hand hygiene.

But, in the rare occasion that you do need to go out for purchase of your groceries or of other essentials, remember wearing mask is mandatory and flouting the advisory will invite extreme action from the youth union, he added.

He also said that we will be happy that the people are cooperating and doing their part by following the ‘Mask Kangpokpi ‘ campaign but we will dealt with those violators.

Meanwhile, the youth union also cautioned the people to maintain safe distancing anytime the markets are open or in any occasion when the situation permit for public movement.

It also said that the ‘Mask Kangpokpi’ campaign is in line with the advisory and directive of the Government and the District Administration and it is with the sole aim to do everything the Youth union can to prevent the spread of the highly contiguous pandemic virus in the town.

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