Kwakta Bazar celebrates 42nd Foundation Day

Kwakta Bazar celebrates 42nd Foundation Day

TMB Report

Bishnupur: The 42nd Foundation Day of Kwakta Bazar, 2020 was celebrated on Wednesday at Kwakta Bazar Town Hall in Kwakta under Bishnupur District organised by its Observation Committee.

The celebration witnessed the presence of Chairperson Kwakta Municipal Council Minarjaan, Vice-Chairperson M. Ibetombi Leima, Ex-Chairperson Md. Meheruddin, Councilors of the Council, Ex-CM of Manipur Alimuddin Son’s Lucky Ahamad as main dignitaries.

Giving the key-note address of the occasion Anwar Ali said that due to the far sighted and long lasting vision of our great leaders of Kwakta to have a market shed/bazar at Kwakta and the responsibility they have taken with no deference of day and night to make the market shed/bazaar of Kwatha recognized by the State Government, today we are able to taste their fruits.

Thus, the celebration is being organised in remembrance of our great leaders of Kwakta to sentient the responsibility they have taken to the present generation, he said.

Attending as Special Invitee of the occasion Md. Alhaj Rafijuddin said that the credit of Kwakta Bazar standing today is due to the hard work of the elders of that time who had established the bazaar. But, today’s generations seems to be turning into the generations of drug addicts. Thus, if we do not save them from the hands of drugs, the future of Kwakta will be in a vague stage.

Therefore, Kwakta Municipal Council needs to take up new and strengthened steps to ban or wipe out drugs from Kwakta, he added.

Many Speakers of the occasion spoke about the role and responsibility taken by the elders in building up Kwakta Bazar and also remembered them.

Remembering the 11 elders who have taken the major role in building up Kwakta Bazar and took the charge of the Committee during Manipur Government recognizing Kwakta as small town in October 29, 1979, 2 elders who are still alive and family members of those who have passed away and those Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons and Councilors while transforming Kwakta from Small Town to Nagar Panchayat and Municipal Council and present Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons and Councilors were felicitated with shawls as a mark of respect of the role they have taken.

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