Kuki Inpi, various chiefs’ Association, CSOs strongly endorse COPPK

Kuki Inpi, various chiefs’ Association, CSOs strongly endorse COPPK

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KANGPOKPI: Sadar Hills Chief’s Association (SAHILCA), Saparmeina Area Villages Organization (SAVO), Saitu-Gamphazol Area Villages Organization (SGAVO), Khengjang Area Chief’s Association (KACA), Leikot Area Chief’s Association (LACA) and Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District have unequivocally and strongly endorsed and stand with the Committee on Protection and Preservation of Mt. Koubru (COPPK) in connection with the proposed laying of foundation stone for the temple at Mt. Koubru by the vested group called Mahousa KNBA Lup on December 3 in the presence of MP(Rajya Sabha) Sanajaoba Singh, the Titular King of Kangleipak.

The Chiefs (Ningthou) and villages inhabiting the ranges of Mt. Koubru who have been surviving through thick and thin have had strong emotional and physical attachment all through ages, stated the joint statement.

It also said that we have been welcoming and extend our utmost hospitability to all communities of the state irrespective of Caste, Creed and Faith for pilgrimage, rituals, prayers and trekking till today.

It stated that with the unfortunate degrading situation of the said ranges and areas for the past decades, we fully acknowledged and endorse the initiatives of the Committee on Protection & Preservation of Mt. Koubru to bring back the past ecological glory and environment sustainability in the area for common good of the local populace and the people of Manipur at large.

It continued that we extend all possible efforts to the COPPK in planting trees for afforestation and their initiatives for discontinuing Poppy cultivation by the poor cultivators in the areas while it (all the Chiefs, villages and civil society associations/organisations) strongly advised all concerned to respect and acknowledge the “Status-Quo” of Mt. Koubru where any community of the state, irrespective of Caste, Creed and Faith can visit and trek for any respectable rituals or programmes.

It also said that no platform nor community should try to claim ownership of Mt. Koubru based on particular religion or faith which may amount to religious based misunderstanding and disharmony in the state and Sadar-Hills in particular.

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