KSO Sadar Hills against frequent transfers of Deputy Commissioner Kangpokpi

TMB Correspondent: The Kuki Students’ Organization Sadar Hills has strongly opposed the frequent transfer and posting of DC Kangpokpi and stand not to accept anymore transfer of DC for the next two years.

Thangminlen Kipgen, President KSO Sadar Hills said that ever since Kangpokpi District came into existence, the district has seen four Deputy Commissioners within a period of less than 40 months which averages one DC every 10 months. In other words, this attitude of the state Government towards Kangpokpi District means that it is least serious about the development of the district.

He said that the post of DC Kangpokpi has become a training ground for new promotees or a punishment post for others while adding that we appreciate the efforts put up by the past DCs to uplift the district within their very short tenure and it has become necessary that we do not accept any more transfers of DCs within the next two years.

He also said that it takes time for a new administrator to acquaint himself/herself to the social and political set up of the district and by the time he/she adapts to the intricate issues of the district, all the hard work and effort put up by them is washed away by a simplistic transfer order issued by the government.

He further said that the CSOs of the district and the general public has always been very cooperative to the district administration but this patience of the public must not be tested.

The KSO Sadar Hills President maintained that besides the post of Deputy Commissioner, other important posts like those of SP and SDO/BDO, Medical officers, and heads of various departments must be given their due tenure of posting so that fruits of their labor maybe enjoyed by the district.

The general public of Kangpokpi District hereby steadfastly resolves that all administrative posts of Kangpokpi District will not be subjected to further games of the government and requests the state Government to start showing their seriousness for the upliftment of the district.

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