KSO alleges State Govt, Assam Rifles of being soft on NSCN-IM

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Kuki Students’ Organization has expressed its discontentment over the state government and the Assam Rifles for ignoring the unlawful act of NSCN-IM in unleashing a reign of terror upon the innocent Kukis in Kamjong Chassad areas time and again.

The KSO also said that the state Government and the Assam Rifles did not bother to take action against the NSCN-IM whose ceasefire agreement with the Government of India does not cover Manipur while ignoring time and again the atrocities committed by the outfit to the innocent Kukis.

Khaiminlen Doungel, Information Secretary of KSO-GHQ recalled that two days ago on February 24, Seikhohao Haokip, a villager of Phaimol in Kamjong district was severely beaten up at Chassad, Kamjong by NSCN-IM cadres without any rhyme or reason but the Assam Rifles and the state security forces did not bat an eyelid. They totally ignored the incident as if nothing happened although the incident took place right under their noses, Doungel said.

However, he pointed out, that yesterday when suspected KNA cadres reportedly beat up two villagers of Sinakeithel at Samushong on the pretext of being NSCN-IM spies, the Assam Rifles immediately came in drove and started terrorizing the local people by summoning the local chiefs and demanding the surrender of the cadres.

This raises the question of why the Assam Rifles is hard on one community and soft on the other, the KSO said. Why did it fail to take any action against the NSCN-IM cadres who have been unleashing a reign of terror in Chassad area? Why the Assam Rifles is not applying the same yardstick? Is it because the CO of 24 AR happens to belong to a certain tribal community, Doungel questioned while adding that such nature resulted in the public outcry against the discriminatory attitude of the Assam Rifles since yesterday.

He pointed out that they are totally against any UG who oppressed civilians and condemned in the strongest term while adding that if the Assam Rifles are hell bent on taking action against the KNA cadres, they are also equally obliged to take stringent action against the NSCN-IM cadres who has started the fire in the first place. 

The NSCN-IM have been constantly harassing Kuki villagers in Chassad area for the last many years with an eye to grab the lands of Kuki villages. They forcefully tried to construct buildings on Chassad land and even tried to prevent them from doing cultivation on their own land. They threatened and beat up the villagers whenever it suited their motive. Summon letters and threatening letters are constantly served to the villagers. Several times the state government was apprised of these matters but no tangible action has ever been taken up against the NSCN-IM, Doungel added.

He also pointed out that the Chief Minister had categorically stated in the State Assembly that the ceasefire of NSCN-IM does not cover the state of Manipur, but the situation says otherwise as his Government along with the Assam Rifles did not bothered to take any action against the NSCN-IM.

He also said that the writ of the NSCN-IM runs large in certain hill districts and if the ceasefire does not cover the state of Manipur then the state government ought to take necessary action against the NSCN-IM which constantly breaks the law while adding that the silence of the state government will only embolden the NSCN-IM to carry out their nefarious acts without any inhibition.

The student body further said that the government as well as the people want peace in the state like every other do and at a time when the people of Manipur want to live in peace through mutual understanding and respect, there are those who do not want peace to prevail for which the state Government ought to take action against those people otherwise peace will be always elusive.

It also said that if the situation escalate and any unwanted arise out of the Government silence and inaction upon the NSCN-IM, the Assam Rifles and the State Government will be solely held responsible.

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