Kpi CSOs ban cultivation of Poppy, urge Government for alternative

TMB Correspondent

KANGPOKPI: The joint meeting of various Kuki civil society organizations within Kangpokpi District under aegis of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills Kangpokpi District decided to strictly ban cultivation of Poppy and various others drugs in the district from this year.

The joint was attended by Lhang Inpi such as Kuki Inpi Saikul Gamkai, Kuki Inpi Moltam Lhang, Kuki Inpi Tuibul Lhang, Kuki Inpi Tuilang Lhang, KSO-Sadar Hills and its constituents units such as KSO Saikul Gamkai, KSO Island, KSO Bungpi, KSO Tuilang, KSO Moltam and Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills including KWU Saikul and KWU Tuilang.

The joint meeting after seriously deliberation resolved to put a blanket ban on poppy cultivation from this year 2020 in support of the Government mission to eradicate cultivation of poppy while considering the harmful consequence in the district as well.

It also resolved that anyone found indulging in poppy cultivation after the blanket ban on it by the Kuki civil society organizations under the aegis of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills Kangpokpi District, he or she and entire family will be expel from the district.

Meanwhile, the civil bodies also urge the state Government to provide alternative means of livelihood for the farmers and cultivators at the earliest as assured in the larger interest of eradicating the menacing poppy cultivation in the district.

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