Kongba, Singjamei markets vulnerable to Covid transmission

Kongba, Singjamei markets vulnerable to Covid transmission

TMB Report
Imphal: With the State Government announcing Greater Imphal and
areas under IMC as containment zones with an aim to contain the
Covid-19 second wave in the State, some of the markets in the
State are witnessing rush of commuters during the four hours relaxation
from 6 AM to 10 AM. Sadly, the fear is that there is a high chance of
spreading Covid-19 from these markets.

Currently, among the markets in Imphal area, Kongba and Singjamei
markets have turned out to be rushed markets during the relaxation hour from 6 AM to 10 AM. The most congested areas in the markets is where vegetables are being sold.

Kongba and Singjamei markets are in a state of fear when a TMB reporter
went to the sites for inspection after receiving reports from some
customers. The inspection came to light that many fail to follow or obey Covid-19 related SOP guidelines especially social distancing. The markets are so jammed pack that moving from one vegetable vendor to
another becomes very tough and parking of vehicles at the roadside by
customers only added woes to the already chaotic situation.

Looking at the present condition of these two Kongba and Singjamei
markets, if the concern department of the State did not intervene and
take up steps against the sellers and buyers to follow and obey the
covid-19 related SOP guidelines, then it is feared that these markets
will become a host for spread of Covid virus.

“A big traffic jam and rush was also witnessed at the temporary street
markets opened near Andro parking opposite to Eastern Sporting Union
(ESU) ground, Wangkhei along the Imphal-Irilbung road.

Security personnel deployed at the spot since morning had a hard time
trying to maintain the covid related guidelines among the customers,
however the public failed to understand their efforts and kept parking
on the road side causing traffic jams, despite the security personnel
continuously driving them away.

Even the road was filled with rain water due to non-maintenance of
proper drainage system, which was also one of the reasons behind the
traffic jam as commuters, whether driving four wheeler or two wheeler
vehicles, they do not like to run their vehicle over dirty water”.

Meanwhile, shops opened inside and around the Kongba and Singjamei
markets were witnessed to open in rotation wise running their business
as per the covid related SOP guidelines issued by the state
government. However, temporary vegetable and fruit street vendors
vending their business in front of the shops fail to comply with the
guidelines and even run their business violating Covid-19 SOP.

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