KKL, JAC condemns destruction of Kounu Lairembi

KKL, JAC condemns destruction of Kounu Lairembi

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IMPHAL: The Kangleipak Kanna Lup (KKL) and Joint Action Committee against the Destruction of Kounu Lairembi have condemned the incident of intentional damages caused to Kounu Lairembi shrine as a perceived outcome of the confrontation that erupted between two communities.

They stated that it was unfortunate that the stand-off between the villagers belonging to different communities that are residing together around the areas of P Moulting Village under Kangpokpi District that originated from some childish reasons eventually turned into violence and destruction of a place of faith and worship.

In a press meet held at KKL office on Wednesday, JAC convenor Phuritsabam Jeeban Meitei denounced the act of vandalism at the Kounu Lairembi shrine. He informed them that the matter had reached a stage of compromise but all hard work went down the drain after a woman hit a man belonging to the other community. Thereafter, a decision was taken against entering any talks for compromise until there is a public apology in connection with the inhumane act of destruction of the place of worship from the perpetrators or representatives of the community, Jeeban said. He admitted that the committee arrived at the decision with utmost regret and after thorough consultation with Kangleipak Lanba Lup (KKL).

Jeeban Meitei also favoured the timely intervention of the administration before the matter aggravated further and took the form of an unwanted religious conflict.

KKL General Secretary Leingakpa Luwang also strongly condemned the incident that took place at Moulting village area between the two communities who have been residing together over the years. He said he had visited the temple to make an assessment and was saddened at the destruction that had taken place. He also expressed suspicion of the involvement of vested interest who had participated in the vandalism intentionally with the aim of instigating a religious conflict.

Leingakpa Luwang appealed to the state government, authority and concerned MLAs to bring about an amicable solution between the warring villages and pronounced fair judgment on the vandalism at Kounu Lairembi shrine where Meitei community worships with deep faith and belief. Showing indifference to their appeal will be consequential, he said, informing that the JAC along with KKL have agreed on plans to hold various types of intense agitations including state wide general strike.

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