KIWT 2022:

KIWT 2022:

Ahsijolneng, Moltinchan, Vengthah, Ngambom, Dr.GG. Crozier, Phungtin, Kholmun registered win

TMB Report

Kangpokpi: Ahsijolneng’s under-15 team defeated Kilkhong’s under-15 team by 2-1 in the penalty shootout after both the teams ended in a 2-2 draw during the normal time Tuesday morning in the ongoing 18th Kangpokpi Inter Ward Tournament, 2022 held at Brigadier M. Thomas Ground.

Paoboilal  scored two goals in the 11th and 31st minutes for Ahsijolneng side while Lengunhao and Mangkhanlen added one goal each in the 21st and 35th minutes for Kilkhong side during the normal. In the tie break, the Kilkhong side managed to secure only a single penalty shootout while the Ahsijoneng side scored two goals out of five and won the match by 2-1.

In main football, Vengthah made a better comeback after a goalless draw in the opening match and had a narrow 1-0 win over Lendou Veng to earn their first win in its campaign in the tournament. Vengthah skipper Khaigouhao’s 41st minute brilliant indirect kick from a 15 yard goal was enough for the defending champion side to earn a win over Lendou’s side led by former ISL player Boithang Haokip.

In the second main football match, Kholmun veng had an easy 7-2 win over Nanglhun veng as Lalkhanlen scored four goals in the 3rd, 11th, 13th and 40th minutes before Lalminlen added another two goals in the 22nd, and 51st minutes. Lenminlun also added a goal in the 34th minute. Nanglhun’s side managed to pull back two goals as Sehgunmang converted a penalty shoot in the 27th minute and Satminchon scored another goal in the 47th minute.

In veteran football match, Dr. GG Crozier team had an easy 6-0 win over Enjakhup veng in the first match as Mangkho scored a hat trick in the 17th, 36th, 49th and Seilal, Mangpu and Dr. Paul added a goal each for the team in the 24th, 28th and 31st minutes.

In another veteran football match, Phungtin veng defeated Ahsijolneng by 2-1. Satneo and Seijahen scored for Phungtin side in the 11th and 36th minutes while Ahsijolneng side pull back a goal through Jangchon in the 15th minute.

On Wednesday, in under-15 football, Lendou veng will face Moltinchan veng at 8:00 AM.

In women’s volleyball, Nanglhun veng will play with Sipinthei veng in the first match and Ngambom veng (B) will play Kilkhong veng in the second match.

In men’s volleyball, Jonlhing veng will play Sipinthei veng.

In main football, Chengjapao veng will meet Japhal veng in the second match while Lendou veng will play Ahsijolneng veng in the fourth match.

In veteran football, Ngambom veng will play Tintong veng in the first match while Nanglhun veng will play Moltinchan veng in the third match.

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