KIMACS expresses concern on investigation of drug haul of L. Zou

KIMACS expresses concern on investigation of drug haul of L. Zou

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IMPHAL: The Kanglei Indigenous Martials Arts and Cultural Society (KIMACS) has expressed its concern on the investigation of the drugs haul case of Lhukhosei Zou with the possible involvement of politicians, influential persons and state law enforcing agency. The likelihood of them having a part is frightening and as a result the inquiry of the case should be entrusted to an independent agency like CBI for ensuring impartiality.

As per the press release of KIMACS issued by the public and information secretary L. Saityamjit Meitei, in this juncture every citizen of the state should stand and fight together with drug cartels whose actions are accountable for destroying the upcoming generations.

People’s perceptions have developed doubts on the state government ‘war on drugs’ campaign, as they assumed that though policy to curb drug trafficking is in existence, most business connected to drugs like Heroin, Ganja, opium etc being done by influential and wealthy persons, he added.

KIMACS added that poppy plantations is being carried out in most of the hill areas and some village even have their own refining factories and the police or security forces have the audacity to enter the cultivation areas.

It made an observation that though huge quantities of drugs are confiscated on a very regular basis, the law enforcement are unable to award proper punishment to traffickers dealing in huge amounts and the culprits with little connections and influence are the only one who have been incarcerated.

KIMACS mentioned that the future of the coming generation is not secure as many teenagers are known to be abusing substances. The youths who are dependent on intoxicants are scattered everywhere and constantly moving around in different localities and they are making substantial contributions to crime incidents in the society, the note added.

The worsening scenario of heroin trafficking in Manipur major suppliers like Columbia and Mexico where the drug cartels are much more powerful than the security personnel and have powerful nexus to make legislations to suit them. Drugs issue in states having history of arm conflict is a common happening in the world, he added.

The implementation of AFSPA in the 1980 during the vicious conflict between the government and insurgent groups in the state forced many youth to surrender to intoxicating drugs who chose syringes in their hand instead of guns and Manipur inadvertently turned into an HIV state, he stated.

The silence of meira paibi units, clubs and organizations who have a knack of favoring a policy of staying away from drug related incidents making arbitrary cases personal business instead of common social obligation have resulted in absence of concrete policy programme of the administration to bring back persons with addiction problems to life of normalcy. KIMACS blamed both community and family for stigmatization of substance abusers and chastised the moral downfall of the society where the rich are trying to wrest power with the help of wealth accumulated by selling drugs which encompassed the extermination of youths.

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