KHUKYO blames Forest Dept for U Machin Manao tragedy

TMB Report

Imphal: Khundrakpam Kendra Youth Organisation (KHUKYO) said that Forest department should be held responsible for the vicious bid to fell the legendary tree “U Machin-Manao’ growing at the gorge of Kongba Maru hill by some miscreants on April 23.

In a statement, I. Tony, Secretary, information and publicity, KHUKYO, alleged that the Forest department of maintaining stoic silence when the vicious activities like plantation of poppy and felling of trees were taken up along the Kongba Maru hill range. Repeated forest fires have
led to diminishing of wild animals and other species, thereby causing ecological imbalance in the area. Historical evidences show that forts were developed at Kongba Maru during WW-II.

Monkeys are also found in the hill range. Even as Kongba Maru can be developed under Historical Monuments Act, state Government has failed to take up proper initiative to develop the area, which has been left ownerless. As such, the miscreants has started a bid to fell the legendary tree, KHUKYO said, terming it a big challenge.

Stating that Kongba Maru hill is supposed to be under the jurisdiction of Central Forest Division Mantripukhri, it questioned as to how the area is under the Kangpokpi Divisional Forest Office.
Kongba Maru is the main catchment area of Kongba river. People of Khundrakpam Kendra, Khurai Kendra, Kshetrigao Kendra, Thongju Kendra will face shortage of water once the forest area of Kongba Maru is denuded. Extinction of historic Kongba Maru will lead to devastation and chaos in the state, maintained KHUKYO.

It urged the state Government to protect the said forest area of Kongba Maru and stop poppy plantation being carried out in the said area.

A team of KHUKYO and local clubs have visited the Kongba Maru to take stock of the situation.

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