Khousabung continues fight for justice, demands immediate creation of Khousabung Sub – Division

TMB Report

Khousabung, Feb 12: Condemning the illogical, undemocratic and untenable decision of the then Okram Ibobi Singh Government that was arrived at on February 10 four years ago, the public of Khousabung Region hold a Mass Candle Light Vigil last night at Khousabung Bazar in Churachandpur District. The public demonstration, besides others, is a continuation of the long fight for justice and demands for immediate creation of Khousabung Sub – Division.

Khousabung is located in the most centre point of the mighty Thangting / Thangjing Hill Range and is the Headquaters of 01 – Khousabung District Council Constituency since 1972.

It may be pointed out that the then Okram Ibobi Singh Government took an unilateral and divisive Cabinet Decision renaming the erstwhile Thangting Sub – Division to Kangvai on February 10, 2016, smashing the popular sentiments and aspirations on the ground, and side stepping the public demand for creation of Khousabung Sub – Division. It may be recalled that more than 117 villages out of a total of 125 villages and localities have supported and endorsed  Khousabung as Sub – Divisional Headquarters.

February 10 is being observed as Black Day since then.

“Khousabung has been a political martyr in the hands of the Congress for electing BJP candidate to the District Council”, said Ng Sang, a social activist. In the 2015 ADC election, Seilenmang Khongsai was elected from 01 – Khousabung, the lone BJP candidate to win election in Churachanpur ADC.

Drawing the attention of the BJP Government, the public resolution calls for immediate creation of Khousabung Sub – Division to accelerate fast pace of progress and development in the region.

The Mass Candle Light Vigil was participated by Seilenmang Khongsai, Member, ADC / Ccpur, village chiefs, public and women folks of Khousabung Region.

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