KCP greets on 16th Foundation Day; pays tribute to COVID-19 frontline warriors

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The chairman of military affairs committee of Kangleipak Communist Party Ksh Laba Meitei has forwarded a message to the people on the 16th foundation day of the Miyamgi Fingang Lanmi (People’s Red Army), the military unit of the proscribed militant organization, which falls on August 13, 2020.

The day also coincides with the memorial day of the soldiers who were martyred during the 1891 AngloManipur War, and on this historic day of Kangleipak the motivational stories of the preceding generations must be told with vigor to every individual in the new generation and enable them to walk on the path to live as free people, the statement said.

The MFL/KCP has paid its gratitude to the invaluable services being offered by the frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19, namely the doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers who have made themselves present at the side of the patients days and nights to try their best efforts to save the lives of human lives, particularly those from WESEA and Kangleipak.

The MFL also extended greetings to their brethrens in the revolutionary struggle belonging to other outfits, the outfits, civil society organizations, intellectuals, and media persons for supporting them in their revolutionary struggle. Last but not the least, the MFL/KCP also shared greetings with their own comrades.

In its message, the chairman asserted that the unification of all armed revolutionary outfits fighting for sovereignty, liberty and socialism is the only viable solution to consolidate the strength of all the small sized communities that inhabit WESEA. If there is no unity, then the masses are reluctant to hand over their trust and support the movement, and without the backing of the masses the movement cannot be identified as a people movement. Consequently, we have to come together and such a step is a comprehensive tool for our success and for this accomplishment we have to keep the ideological warfare going on without being daunted. Because, only the convergence of ideology among our fellows can create togetherness at the intra and inter levels among the revolutionary organizations. Every communist and revolutionary should be in possession of this powerful tool, the message said.

It further espoused that in order to attain an egalitarian system of governance ‘Marxism-Leninism-Maoism’ should be the basis of our ideology as well as our theory. The chairman explained in concise and simple terms the 11 ways of liberalism as explained by Mao Tse Tung in his essay Combat Liberalism.

 Mao’s ‘Combat liberalism’ is the leading light of radical revolutionaries. The classification he had made to identify the unwanted traits will provide an opportunity to petty bourgeoisie to make rectifications of their mistakes. Many thinkers have tried to throw away Marxism as untouchable ideas and also presented M-L-M ideologies as a non-feasible ideological weapon in the revolutionary movement. They preach that Marxism theory cannot be assimilated in our modern society. The point they cannot understand or are faking not to understand is that Marxism is not a metanarrative. It is indeed a counternarrative that surfaced itself against capitalism and feudalism and similar metanarrative elements. They tried to rejuvenate capitalist and feudal values by targeting Marxism wrongly. They tried to disengage the revolutionary movement in Kangleipak by misrepresenting the potency of Marxism and instead of bringing out a solution to a serious problem tried to aggravate a pre existing problem. They tried to cloud the objective reality and suppress its clarity so that the loose ends of the threads remain ever elusive. There is no bigger liberal element than this. As a result, they took the service of a postmodernist to tarnish the image of the revolutionary movement and M-L-M and they are the enemy of the revolution.

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