Karang Island Body decries remark of Environmentalist

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Karang Island Development Organisation has strongly reacted to the remark of an Environmentalist who, during a TV discussion, opposed the Inland waterway project taken up by LDA at Karang Island.

KIDO president Salam Kheda, briefing reporters at Manipur Press Club said that Boat is the only means of transport and communication for Karang Island surrounded by water on all four sides. Around 3000/4000 population inhabit the island. How the people of Karang will communicate with the outside when there is no means of waterways, he questioned.

He questioned the Environmentalists as to how they want to protect the Loktak Lake.

National Hydro power project and Ithai Barrage were constructed at Loktak lake in 1975 and 1980, resulting in submersion of over 1000 paris of paddyland of Karang villagers in water. Environmentalists need to take stock of the suffering the Karang villagers are suffering in terms of economy, Education, health and connectivity etc., Kheda said.

Fishing is the only means of livelihood for Karang villagers. The Inland waterway project taken up by LDA at Karang Island is a boon for the karang villagers, he said and appealed to the environmentalists not to obstruct the development works in the area.

Recounting that a pregnant woman of Karang delivered a baby inside a boat on December 18, 2019 on the waterway to Hospital, such incident occurred as the phumdis blocked the waterway of the Boat. Many people died on the way before they reach the Hospital due to bad connectivity, he added.

He also demanded constriction of a bridge connecting Karang island.

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