Kamjong Incident – Do not make it communal

The inter-village clash between Chassad and Sampui villages in Kamjong district is one of those incidents that will go down in history, in the lives and memories of the victims, especially those of the villagers of Chassad. Over 150 houses and 10 vehicles burnt down in an incident that is reportedly related to land issue. Who is wrong and who is right? That is not the question here. But one has to note that this is one of the most tragic incidents in the lives of the people of Manipur. Can you imagine over 100 houses from your village being charred down to ashes? And the property, the amount of hardwork and sweat that has been put into to set up such a village, a house, a home and then just see it being burnt down to ashes? No. One wouldn’t think so.

Indeed, the Kamjong district incident is one of those incidents that will be hard to forget. Reportedly, the Kukis of Chassad village were the victims here with their homes and fields (jhumming cultivation) being burnt down to ashes. And while it is easier to say it rather than put it into action, one must not make it communal of the issue here. Yes.. It is a known fact that it is between a Kuki village and a Tangkhul village with reports that these two have been in lock horns for land for a while now. That it has even reached a Court on dispute over land. But having said that, one must realized that this is a difference two villages and not between two communities. That this is between Chassad and Sampui village and nothing beyond. Why?

The problem with the people is this.. Sensalisation of almost anything and everything. It is clearly evident that this issue is between two villages but it is very likely that some will take it and make it an issue between two communities – Nagas and Kukis, just for their political gain. And no one will deny that. And such is the reason why the ethnic clash between the two communities occurred in the early nineties. But this is no such. One must understand that this problem is between two villages and that the concern authorities should be able to bring about an amicable solution. As Chief Minister N. Biren Singh stated, the situation has been brought under control and that a committee has been formed to solve the problem. And to avoid any community related incidents, the people of the state must support the move of the state government and help to bring about an amicable solution. For one must be clear that this is a problem two villages and not between two communities.

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