Kakching Range Forest office releases 21 rescued doves

Kakching Range Forest office releases 21 rescued doves

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Thoubal: The staff of Kakching Range Forest office on Friday released 21 doves that were rescued from Sora Maning loukol by the staffs along with W. Ramchandra, honorary wild life warden on Friday itself.

Releasing the birds, the Range Forest Officer, Kakching N.Munal Meitei stated that in the past doves were found in large numbers in our state, however, due to unstopped killings on a large scale, doves are now going to be listed in the endangered bird’s species and it is very unfortunate, he added.

Munal further informed that birds have also been playing a major role in maintaining ecological balance in our mother earth.

He said, “Birds normally able to eat insects’ weight about the half of its size per day. All the birds that are rescued on Friday have all approximately weight around 125 grams each. Calculating on that weight, then a dove may be able to eat a total of insects that weight about 60 grams in a day.

It may also be assumed that a weight of 60 grams insects may contain at least 1500 to 2000 insects in total. So, it may be calculated that a total of seven lakh and thirty thousand insects could have been eaten by a single bird in a year. In this trend, all the rescued 21 doves will surely help to maintain ecological balance by eating fifteen crore and thirty lakhs insects altogether in a year.

If we know this, it is very unfortunate to kill birds, we all should stop this kind of cruelty to birds and animals, let us join hands to nab who are hunting, poaching and trapping birds, he appealed.

Munal cautioned that according to Wildlife Protection Act 1972, anyone who is hunting and poaching wildlife birds and animals might be sentenced for three years in jail or fined rupees 25000 or both.

We should respect the laws of the country. We should remember that survival of human beings forever is closely inter-related with the survival of wildlife animals and birds. Let us make a beautiful mother earth which is full of animals and also a place where  the sounds of chirping birds echoed all the time, he added.

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