Jugindro terms appointment of interim and working presidents null and void

TMB Report

IMPHAL: ‘Ousted president of MPP’ O Jugindro has denied the MPP Central committee meeting resolution claiming to have expelled him from the party primary membership, apart from removing him from the president post, citing it as null and void.

He claimed that he had never embezzled any amount of party’s fund. It was MPP General secretary (Admn) H Gitajen who embezzled the party’s fund to the tune of Rs 16 lakhs. In the aftermath of eruption of crisis over fund embezzlement, the party unanimously constituted an Observer Committee to probe into the case. The investigation is in progress. If the investigation proves me guilty, I will accept it, he said.

For MPP, there is a standing order preventing entry of anybody in the party office. However, on February 11 at about 5.30 am, some individuals led by H Gijajen intruded into the party office defying the standing order and claimed that O Jugindro had been expelled from the party. Being an incumbent president, I declared that appointment of L Krishnadas as interim president and Amutombi as working president is null and void , he said.

Jugindro claimed that he is the incumbent president and is recognized by ECI.

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