Journalism and Politics

In a democratic country like India, politics and journalism are two every important elements that help shape and from the country and the government. Ever since the existence of a nation, one will always associate it with politics though journalism, as it is in its professional from it is today, came much later. If the  Greek civilisation flourished, it Rome it today regarded as one of the greatest empires ever and a civilisation, one will have to agree and credit politics for the same, especially in the context of Rome. Politics has  always played a vital role in shaping a government and a country and how the people are governed. Then with the arrival of journalism, the public began to get various information of the government. In other words, it became a medium for the government to reach out to the people. IN democracies, the role of the journalist or journalism is to inform the public debate so that the audience can make educated choices while the role of politicians is supposed to be represent those who elected them and to ensure that the concerns of that elecforate are listened to considered and where appropriate acted upon

Journalism is often referred to as “the fourth estate” in a democracy. Thomas Jefferson, the main author of the US Declaration of Independence and the country’s third president once remarked were it left to me to decide whether we should have a  Government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate for a moment to prefer the latter.” Perhaps Jefferson was right in suggesting that journalists are more important to society than politicians  or politics. Perhaps in some societies the politicians know and fear that. And what is clear is that the relationship between journalism and politics can have a significant impact on the functioning of a fair and just society. Politicians make decisions and take action on behalf of the public. Journalists scrutinise those decisions and report the implications to the public. However, the sad truth and reality in today’s India speaks of a different tale of journalists and politicians becoming buddy, comfortable a party member where it is about you scratch my back, I scratch your back and we lead a happy life. And what is sadder about such type of journalism is that journalism loses its true value, what it stands for i.e. being the fourth pillar of a democracy and standing with public and the people. News stories and reports are now favour of  a particular party or politician, thus hiding the truth and the reality from the public. While the journalist should act on behalf of the audience to ensure that politicians do their job and should be exploring and covering the issues that most concern their readers and listeners, journalism today speaks a different story. Many have become mouthpiece favouring a certain party a politician or a government regardless of what they do is right or wrong. And it is here that Journalists should take do is right or wrong. And it is here  that Journalists should take a stand and safe the very foundation on which they are established and speak out on what is right and wrong on what is true and false and always stand for the truth. 

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