Joint declaration of Rongmei CSOs on newly formed RNPO

Joint declaration of Rongmei CSOs on newly formed RNPO

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Rongmei Naga Students’ Organization (RNSO) has stated that the recently conducted General Assembly of RNPO that was held at Tarung in Imphal on September 25, 2020 has compelled the Rongmei CSOs to raise strong objections against the organizers and their decisions.

The RNSO expressed that it was necessary for the Rongmei CSOs to unite under its combined initiative to safeguard the interest and status of the people of the community. All the Rongmei CSOs including Rongmei Naga Youth Organization (RNYO), Rongmei Naga Students’ Organization (RNSO), Rongmei Lu Phuam (RLP), regional and state levels units have been told to take stock of the situation and consulted through virtual conferences and then to stand up to address the issue in hand.

Whereas, the RNPO did not constitute the status to qualify for conducting the Rongmei General Assembly, the appeal of Vice Presidents/Presidents of the two States councils to postpone the General Assembly went unheeded. The Central Executive Council did not resolve to convene the General Assembly, the RNSO said in a statement.

The assembly members from Assam, Nagaland and Manipur did not attend or represent the General Assembly. Even a quarter from Manipur’s 30 Assembly Members allotted by act of the constitution did not represent the said General Assembly. Without the assembly of adequate members, the gathering cannot take a decision on the affairs of the whole Rongmei people, pointed out RNSO in the statement.

The General Assembly and its decisions taken cannot thus be accepted by the people at large and is made null and void. Consequently, the organization has declared that the RNPO in its pure status remains. It urged the ‘unofficial and unconstitutionally conducted General Assembly and its newly appointed office bearers’ to reconsider its decisions and make amends by withdrawing its decisions at the earliest before it becomes too late. Elected leaders may kindly comply and submit the resignation of the respective posts to the CEC/RNPO all in the interest of the people, the RNSO advised.

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