Join campaign against wrong practices of BJP: CPI (M)

TMB Report

IMPHAL: In a message on the occasion of 72nd year of establishment of communist party in Manipur, the CPI (M) has called upon the public to participate wholeheartedly in upcoming movements to save democracy, upheld the Constitution and democratic institutions in the nation.

On the outset, the statement issued by state secretary of CPI (M) Ksh Santa jogged back memories on the day it was born in Manipur informing that the party was launched by labourers’ representatives under the leadership of Janneta Hijam Irabot at the residence of Takhellambam Ibotombi in Hodam Leirak on August 23, 1948. From the day of its inception, the party put its foot forward to work for the welfare of the masses with a spirit of personal sacrifices.

In the present moment, the coalition governments at the state and Centre which are headed by the BJP and functioning with a preoccupation to please the extreme right Hindutva organization, the RSS, is posing a challenge to the Constitution and democracy as well as peace and stability of the country. Some unmistakable illustrations of the errant viewpoints of the BJP are the scrapping of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, demotion of the state into status of union territories and consequent bifurcation.

In addition, the BJP government’s destabilization of a series of state governments which have the mandate of the people through intricate manipulations including horse trading and throwing the respective administration into complete disarray is another example of the assault against democracy by the saffron party, the CPI (M) message continued.

It informed that all the affiliated units of the CPI (M) in Manipur will be participating in the seven day mass protest which will continue till August 26. The protest is launched highlighting 18 demands including protection of Constitution and democracy, restoration of peace, protection of the territorial integrity and administrative power of the states among others. 

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