JNV Bishnupur quarantine centre inspected

JNV Bishnupur quarantine centre inspected

TMB Report

Bishnupur:  As a preventive measure taken up by State Government to contain Covid-19, MLA Moirang Assembly Constituency and also Government Chief Whip P. Sharatchandra have inspected the Institutional quarantine centre, JNV Bishnupur of Bishnupur District, personally visiting the centre on Monday.

Speaking on the sideline of the inspection, MLA P. Sharatchandra said that through telephonic conversation, the DC Bishnupur has been informed about the conditions of the quarantine centre and required financial assistance will be provided and will be managed properly.

During the inspection, 65 people of Moirang Assembly Constituency came to the JNV Campus and informed about the hardships and inconveniences being faced by them.

Those quarantined people also informed that there is no proper drinking water, breakfast and lunch and dinner are also not provided on time to them.

There is also no persons to whom they can contact, the occupants of the quarantine centre informed his with disappointment.

On the other hand, MLA of Bishnupur A/C Govindas Konthoujam also came for inspection to the JNV Bishnupur Quarantine centre.

Govindas Konthoujam said that as the stranded people did not reach at the same time and making arrangement at the short notice could have led to shortcomings and failure to fulfil their expectations and moreover for the daily morning and evening meals only Rs. 200 per person has been sanctioned from the Government side.

He said, making arrangement from this very sum of rupees for per person may not meet their expectation and also said that if the quarantine people feel unsatisfied with the District Administration than they are allowed to make their own planning.

 The MLA further said that feeling disappointment over improper meal is not important, what is important is to stay safe and avoid Covid-19.

We should not find ups and down over the hard ships and grievances as the arrangement being made by the District administration is for everyone not for some particular individual.

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