JCILPS calls for action against violators of ILPS rules

JCILPS calls for action against violators of ILPS rules

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IMPHAL: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has urged the state government to take up necessary action to repatriate persons belonging to outside states who had entered the state in violation of the rules and regulations of ILPS.

While briefing the media persons JCILPS convener Y.K. Diren told the government that the unauthorized non-locals should all be sent back to their own states at the earliest without favoring any person and also urged local people with resources to avoid bringing in non-locals to the state.

It remarked that a total restriction on entry of outsiders into the state have been enforced since the issuance of a notification served by the state government on March 18, 2020 in connection with Covid-19 pandemic in order to prevent the spread of the disease from incoming arrivals from the red Zone areas.

However, many outsiders were found travelling freely towards the state during this pandemic with the opening of airways which was kept under quarantine in the different state CQC in which the people of the state were born panicked, he added.

While the JCILPS members expressed shock at the free movement non-locals at the Impha International Airport, it also queried on what terms the state security force and the concerned state authority they were allowed to enter the state amidst the travelling restrictions into the state.

It further mentioned that the average people are feeling unhappy and aggrieved at the free movement of the outsiders, and a question has been raised whether the situation had happened due to the state authority being unaware of such an occurrence or it had intentionally given them a free hand.

Hence, JCILPS task force have been formed and deployed at different places in order to control the free movement of the outsiders and to pick out those in staying in violation of the rules at keys entry points of the state. Mentioning the issuance of temporary cards with validity of 6 months, the committee appealed to the state administration to form a specific set of guidelines to be followed by non-Manipuris who are living in rental accommodations.

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