JCCWB Ready to Feed Stray Animals amid Lockdown

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The Joint Co-ordination Committee on Wildlife and Biodiversity JCCWB) has geared up for undertaking the task of feeding the stray animals facing starvation during the Coronavirus lockdown in the country.

The efforts of the activist will have proved to be a blessing for stray animals who generally survive on leftovers from restaurants and roadside eating joints, etc., however, they are now left to feed themselves as their regular sources of food are shut due to nationwide lockdown.

Talking to The Morning Bell reporter, Secretary General of JCCWB Romesh Ningthoujam stated that the committee has resolved to start feeding the stray animals that are roaming around mainly at major market areas of the state and are also prepared to feed the tribes of monkeys at Mahabali Temple of the city.

Romesh also stated that the members of the committee have so far voluntarily contributed  a starting amount to perform the task. They have also collected bunches of fodder grasses from Ikop and Khoidum Lake and will start feeding the stray animals from Saturday itself if weather permits, Romesh added and informed that at least 5/6 members of the committee have procured curfew passes.

Romesh further stated that state’s and district’s administrations have already allocated funds and directed authorities to not neglect stray animals during the lockdown, but, unfortunately, the state government has remained silent on the matter.

It was told that some officials of the Forest Department are feeding stray animals on the basis of the jurisdiction of their division, but not all, Romesh said and requested the wild life and forest department to come out during this time of crisis to extend help to those poor animals, he added.

Appreciating the task of JCCWB, Chief Conservator of Forest Mahendra Pratap whtaspped to the committee on Friday by saying, “good idea and intention and you really walk the talk. Hope and wish many others, organisationally or individually will follow your good deeds. State need many people or organisations like you/yours which sows the seed of humanity and make this world a better place. Let us all learn the message this great pandemic is giving to us — respect nature and all creations of God, the Almighty and love each others. This world is not for you to loot and exploit. Live and let live.”

Meanwhile, Joint Director, District Veterinary Office,  Thoubal Dr. RK Khogendrajit said that District Veterinary Office, Thoubal has taken up all precautionary measures on war footing to contain FMD outbreak in Thoubal District.

He said, some cases of the disease had found in some areas of Thoubal District. Routine vaccination and proper treatment programmes were performed by the staffs with proper maintaining of social distancing.

Dr. RK Khogendrajit appealed the farmers not to be panicked.

It may be mentioned here that the JCCWB is an organisation working to save wildlife and other biodiversity management tasks. The committee had been monitoring all forms of unlawful quarrying of earth activities from State’s reserved forest areas across the state for taking up necessary action also

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